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Apply Now: $335,000 in Grant Funding for Your EduTech Solutions

By Wayan Vota on June 7, 2021

edutech grant funding

The pandemic has upended entire education systems, with an estimated 1.5 billion primary and secondary learners’ education disrupted. Some schools have shifted to distance learning, while others shut down completely. Many have had limited COVID-19 digital response operations for months.

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These disruptions exacerbate pre-existing education inequalities along wealth, gender, ethnicity, linguistic, and geographical lines. Primary and secondary school students have shown incredible resilience in the face of these challenges, yet if not addressed, unfinished learning could represent a $10 trillion loss in lifetime earnings.

MIT Solve Equitable Classrooms Challenge

The MIT Solve Equitable Classrooms Challenge is looking for technology-based solutions that ensure all primary and secondary school learners have access to quality, safe, and equitable learning environments. To that end, Solve seeks solutions that:

  • Increase the engagement of learners in remote, hybrid, and physical environments, including strategies and tools for parental support, peer interaction, and guided independent work.
  • Enable access to quality learning experiences in low-connectivity settings—including imaginative play, collaborative projects, and hands-on experiments.
  • Ensure the physical safety and mental health of learners—for example, through tools for crisis support, reporting violence, and mitigating cyberbullying.
  • Support teachers to adapt their pedagogy, facilitate personalized instruction, and communicate with students and their families in remote and hybrid settings.

Applicants can win up to $335,000 in prizes for edutech solutions that make STEM education more accessible and equitable, use innovative technology to improve quality of life for women and girls, and advance the economic, financial, and political inclusion of refugees.

Apply Now! Deadline is June 16, 2021

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28 Comments to “Apply Now: $335,000 in Grant Funding for Your EduTech Solutions”

  1. Bett says:

    How can l apply

  2. Phathutshedzo says:

    I apply grant to help my son because I got eccident with her and they have problem of leg.hand.hand

  3. Nancy chepngeno Tuei says:

    I apply grants because i come from reserve where we have so many girls and boys who have dropped out of school because of lack of money to continue their education. So would like them to do technical work to be able to get there daily living.

  4. Nancy Tuei says:

    Because of the pandemic Covid 19 most of the business was closed down and even schools which costs parents alot of loses ,teenager pregnancies and boys adapting bad habits

  5. Becky Mwenya says:

    This is good. Do the people of Zambia qualify like individuals who run schools.

  6. Adeloye Omolara says:

    Pls can I know the procedure to apply for this. Because my community needs financial assistance.

  7. Lwanga Deus says:

    Kabulasoke Core Primary Teaches College located in Uganda. It trains elementary primary teachers. The student teachers, Tutors and parents are being affected by COVID 19 because of the lockdown, currently they gone back to 42 days.

    The college is requesting a partnership to implement a project to help student teachers, Tutors, parents to use computers on E- learning .

  8. Ayo Olagundoye says:

    I fund and run a foundation that provides pedagogy support in Mathematics and Science to some schools in Nigeria. We currently limit activities to a Ondo in Ondo State of Nigeria. We started with teacher training in 2015. We currently focus on providing textbooks for Mathematics, Science and English. The need for ict support in these schools will make a big difference in the pupils’ chances of progressing to university studies in STEM.
    I am a graduate of MIT

  9. BECKY MWENYA says:

    are you able to donate science books to my school. to specific cambridge IGCSE Senior Secondary

  10. Francis Ruigu Karuma says:

    It’s a good initiative, my daughter has interest in I.C.T course. Personally, would like to submit my humble request of the grants. Getting the grants would make a huge difference in her future. As a parent, we guide and dedicate our children to the welfare of others and more enlightened world.

  11. Susan Van Dyk says:

    Hi this is so awesome and a Blessing to those in need for their kids future to be better then now. Im a single mom of two kids my oldest daugther 15 and youngest 14. Im Susan Van Dyk from South Africa/ Rustenburg. I also know about alot of people and a lady that is taking care of 30 kids by herself that is not even her own. Im a new contemporary artist but havent sold any painting yet because of the covid.

  12. I would like to apply a grant for my brother whom I have been paying for his fee and now he’s at home since I lost my job due to covid 19.

  13. Adeloye Omolara Zainab says:

    I Would like to apply for my daughter whom I ‘ve been paying for her fee but now but at home and so many like that in my community and they are very bright.That covid 19 have affected their business seriously.

  14. Vuyo says:

    I would like to apply here because I got some digital information and idea I wanna share with the world

  15. Paballo Machema says:

    I offer after classes to children from grade 1 to 6 at home. Currently not emplyed an used to work at a bank for 15yrs but i resigned. My after classes are so beneficial to my students as the parents are complementing me of their childrens performance to have changed. I need funding to run a proper ckass with equipment an laptops to assist my students.

  16. Irene says:

    I want to apply for my girl;I need information

  17. Shukri mohamud Farah says:

    I am from Kenya and I have a edutech solution for arid areas in Kenya. Can I apply or is there any such Grant’s for Kenya.

  18. Aluko, Joshua Oluwasegun says:

    I’m a full time business man into Computer software and other peripheral, the Pandemic (COVID – 19) affected my business seriously to extent, that to take of my children educationally and welfare aspect has been very difficult due to the disease called COVID – 19. I will be glad if I can be grant a loan to flourish my business and also to take care of my necessary needs, Thanks.

  19. Ubong Atakpo says:

    I apply for this grant because of my Poultry Farm extension. This business has great job opportunities for about 50 people in our environment that graduate from University, By God Grace this grant
    is realist to us then we will made more progress in our factory Equipment.

  20. Joseph says:

    I want to apply to help myself in school I am from Nigeria

  21. Ejeta c akpevwe says:

    I apply for this because of my school

  22. Makelesi Watikaicolo Mateiwai says:

    This would help in children’s education dueing this pandemic of covid 19

  23. Idi jelmark says:

    I apply for grants simple because my people are in the remote village area and they are struggling with farming at the end of the day they will not get anything because of the weather so I need this grant to buy fertilizer and the implement for farming like tractor them so they will only village thank

  24. Christian marcellinus usani says:

    I’m applying for this grant with my aim to help out to does children ( boys and girls) that are not having good education. Thank you for the consideration

  25. Idi jelmark says:

    Helo I am applying for children education those in my remote area I have so many of them that can’t afford the education please if you can grant me this I will promote education in my village thanks

  26. Ugwu Kingsley Onyebuchi says:

    The soul of all improvement is the improvement of the soul. I need to push.

  27. Eric says:

    I have three schools located on one Hill under the church and I oversee all these institutions. May I know how best we could benefit from this fund to help our students continue with studies on line. kindly respond and guide me.
    Thank you in advance.

  28. Patrick Tebegha says:

    We the African need the Grant to help training people on Agriculture and electrical engineer to build Africa for the near future….