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Apply Now: €250,000 for Your Food Security Technology Solution

By Wayan Vota on January 22, 2024

kofi annan food security grants

In recent years, Africa has faced significant challenges in achieving food security, a situation exacerbated by factors such as climate change, population growth, and limited access to advanced agricultural technologies.

However, technology-powered solutions offer a promising path forward in addressing these challenges and improving food security across the continent. Agritech investments can build a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable food system that can combat climate change, reduce poverty and hunger, and empower marginalized groups.

€250,000 Kofi Annan Award

2023 Kofi Annan Award seeks to support technology-powered solutions and approaches that are helping to improve food security and systems in African countries. Social entrepreneurs with digital or technology-powered solutions for Africans should address one or more of the following priority topics:

  • Inclusion of marginalized groups in food security
  • Enhanced nutrition for women
  • Circular solutions and reduction of post-harvest losses

Nine promising teams will participate in a fully virtual Innovation Bootcamp to collaborate with technical and industry mentors and can apply for €250,000 equity-free funding. The three ventures selected to receive EUR 250,000 will also be welcomed into a WFP Sprint Programme. This 12-month acceleration program offers mentorship, a global network of influential partners, and resources designed to expedite growth and impact.

Apply Now! Deadline is February 8, 2024

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19 Comments to “Apply Now: €250,000 for Your Food Security Technology Solution”

  1. Chukwuma edith ifeoma says:

    For i really know that this will really help all the africans Expecially our Nigerians that is very serious ,please kindelly assist me on this, for it is very helpfull

  2. Ruth Oniang'o says:

    This is a great Idea..I know with this amount of money I can make a huge difference in people’s lives

  3. Euclides Domingos Pedro says:

    Sou ptesidente da cooperativa dos agentes de desenvolvimeto do Agronegócio ,RL com a sígla CADA, gostariamos nos candidatar para sermos parceiros de projectos ligado ao agronegócio, para emacificarmos a cultura de produção as pequenos agricultores famìlias, médio e grandes.
    Juntos no combate a fome, pobreza e a desnutrição

  4. Abass John Kamara says:

    My organization is a network of 16 CSOs operating across Sierra Leone. We do land and food rights advocacy to enable land owners and farmers claim their rights. And, we also provide livelihood support to marginalized groups such as women, youths, and communities to enhance their capacities to grow their own food and sell the surplus to others.

  5. Edson Hengombe says:

    Implantar uma plataforma de comunicação digital para fortalecer a cooperação entre a comunidade, investidores e pesquisadores, facilitando a troca de informações e estratégias de segurança. Essa abordagem não apenas ajuda a prevenir a confusão entre criadores de gado e possíveis furtadores, mas também promove uma comunidade mais segura e colaborativa. Pela “CADA”

  6. Bhanu Haripersad says:

    We are women, creators ,Preservers and protectors. We aim to have a self sustainable society through agriculture.Growing fruits,vegetables, nuts acqua culture Perma culture.How to hold water during winter,Growing organic foods to create a consciousness for good health and as future SMMEs.With skills training women build their self confidence and self worth. They then can be reinstated to the main economy.We thank you and look forward to a positive response.

  7. Manuel Sambule Quintas says:

    Eu Manuel Sambule Quintas venho mui respeitosamente pedir as sua excelência que se digne autorizar a minha candidaturas para a participação deste projecto, e estou disposto a ajudar a contribuir e a aprender muito neste projeto e com o projeto. Tenho formação básica de nutrição e agricultura como base, na Elaboração de projetos e estatísticas.

  8. Euclides Domingos Pedro says:

    Enviam por favor mensagem em português
    Temos uma cooperativa empresa que tem como fim único trabalhar com as comunidades agrícolas em parceria com a World Vision de Angola, e carecemos de empresas que podem nos financear apoio técnico e financeiro para cubrirmos todo País, no projecto humanitário que elaboramos

  9. Thabo says:

    This is good idea and I will like to be part of it

  10. Olusegun Jeremiah Ibitoye says:

    Can someone that is an Animal scientist and have a good knowledge of animals rearing and management legible to apply for the financial support program.

  11. Kezias Lungu says:

    We a the registered organization in Africa in the Eastern Province of Zambia.
    The name of our organization is called: Bapapi Savings Club; we have a project proposal on Natural Conservation, Agricultural, and Entrepreneurship in combating the climate change.
    We are requesting to submit our proposal for partnership support.

  12. David Onyango says:

    Umbrella for All health organisation puts awareness to the community about food security through building granary for every household, we also fight against anaemia through donating blood and sensitize anaemic children with matress, nutritional food such as milk, rice and eggs

  13. Adielechi Oguibe says:

    I want to increase my ogbono seed and palm oil harvesting business at Bender.
    This grant will definitely be a dream come true if granted.

  14. Nnodim Prince Enyeribe says:

    I will like to be part of this

  15. Amarachi Maureen Anyiam says:

    My Name is Amarachi
    From Nigeria
    Please can this forum
    Help me with grant
    We are really going through a lot here in Nigeria.

  16. Abdullahi muttaka says:

    I need his program

  17. I abdullahi muttaka form Nigerian my work is farmer can you Lon’s for big other farming

  18. Satho says:

    I am a small scale farmer in herbs would love support in innovation in ensuring food security
    And how to battle climate change managment.
    Also innovativite international digital marketing and managment in developing my farm into a highly productive end user production

  19. Toby John says:

    I would like to thank the Tony Elumelu Foundation for investing in Africa and its people, we honestly have very few extremely wealthy African business people giving back to its children without any strings attached. I’d also like to encourage all my brothers and sisters across our beautiful African continent to not only dream big but to always put Yahweh first in everything you do..Stay blessed now and always