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Apply Now: $250,000 for Your African Technology Startup Company

By Wayan Vota on January 15, 2024

Entrepreneur In Residence

The African continent is blazing bright with opportunity. The creativity and agility offered by technology startups making it possible to reach previously excluded or underserved communities, creating accelerated access to new products and services through technology all while opening up new markets and commercial opportunities.

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African entrepreneurs are the engines of growth. Their ability to move fast, take risks, and truly ‘think outside the box’ benefits everyone — from governments and corporates to investors and end users — and the products, services, and knowledge developed locally are ready to be adapted for international consumers.

Gen F Entrepreneur Design Studio

Gen F Entrepreneur In Residence Venture Design Studio combines venture studio and VC models, providing investment and hands-on support for early-stage founders building local solutions to local challenges.

This hybrid investment and venture-building model is backed by corporate and impact investment partners. Selected startups will receive $250,000 seed funding, technical and operational expertise, and tailored support services across product development, UX/UI, data science, engineering, business development and growth marketing.

The startups will also have access to distribution channels, customer acquisition, pilots, data, IP and expertise provided by corporate investors.

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9 Comments to “Apply Now: $250,000 for Your African Technology Startup Company”

  1. Njabulo Ndlovu says:

    Hello. I’m writing and answering the questions that are asked in the application and I’d like to know whether this is a trusted organisation that does not plan on stealing startup ideas? I’d like to know the integrity of the organisation.

  2. Maurice kinyanja says:

    I wish to link with your organisation for my business to grow through my WhatsApp number above thanks

  3. I’m interested in this opportunity,Ibrahim Olamide from GETRICHCHAT SOCIAL MEDIA I’m the Founder and CEO of this App.

  4. Usman alhassan says:

    I am looking for work since that I am graduate for the school since last three years ago we no have work

  5. Sandile Johannes says:

    Nice to hear from you all about your concern. Is this organisation have funded anyone or developing an organization that is involved in ICT4D. I have workef with IDRC on this type of projects but now AI is the one that is here to stay as part of 4th IR. So the question is why ICT4D is dead becouse 4th IR an AI as the one that most funding is directed towards its. Not to take us back.

  6. Jude Obichukwu says:

    Good day sir…

    How are you doing, how trusted this link, I have a great Tech idea but it’s only money that is hindering me to bring it to reality.

    Currently am founder of 9jaleak, a media company involved in dispersing news around the globe, and am 25 years old.

  7. Amina Muhammad sani says:

    This is a greater opportunity for youths to get work,and to reduce the rate of unemployment

  8. Khadija says:

    This is opportunity to youth and get work

  9. Lenyie T Anyekere says:

    If this is for real,then I will apply for it to start up my fishery business, pls assistance for the needy, thanks