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Apply Now: £30,000 to Help FCDO Pilot Innovative Technology Solutions

By Wayan Vota on June 10, 2024

fcdo innovative tech pilot funding
Humanitarians should understand the potential for innovative technology in the development context because these tools can significantly enhance the effectiveness and reach of their efforts.

  • Testing and scaling innovative ideas is crucial to ensure that these technologies are effective and adaptable to different contexts.
  • Pilot programs allow for the identification and resolution of potential issues before broader implementation.

Successful innovations can then be scaled to benefit larger populations, providing a sustainable and impactful solution to development challenges.

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£30,000 Frontier Technologies Program RFP

The Frontier Technologies Program is looking to work with a partner who specialises in responsible and inclusive technology. They want to help FCDO innovators pilot and test their ideas in low middle income contexts to ensure
innovations teams are rigorously testing and are effectively proving impact through evidence generation.

The opportunity can be for either an individual technical consultant or an organisation with a range of technical expertise. This is a global opportunity – open to individuals or organisations globally.

The partner will conduct activities and analysis on FT Hub innovations and provide technical expertise on responsible emerging tech in early-stage tech development in LMICs, including implementation of best practice on Gender, Equality and Social Inclusion, and provide expertise in behavioural sciences and human centered design related to the development and testing of early-stage innovation.

  • Phase 1: Orientation of FT Hub Pilots and key definitions associated with ‘responsible’ tech agreed
  • Phase 2: Production of resources and approaches for FT Hub innovation coaches and entrepreneurs aligned to current innovation coaching processes and practices on FT Hub.
  • Phase 3: Development of a responsible monitoring framework that integrates into FT Hubs Theory of Change, and light touch data collection tools
  • Phase 4: Roll out of new responsible tech approach to FT Hub innovation coaches (2-3 weeks roll out)

Apply Now! Deadline is June 21, 2024

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  1. I am interested to work with ICTworks organisation for engaging and driving the projects related to Digital Sustainability and Frontline technologies usage for public good and development.

  2. Je veux travailler a votre groupe pour la création des emplois décents dans chaque pays Africains à-travers de création des usines d’assemblage des nouveaux dispositifs a brevetés a usage domestique de sécurisation

  3. Je veux travailler avec votre groupe pour la création des emplois décents dans chaque pays Africains à-travers de création des usines d’assemblages des nouveaux dispositifs a brevetés a usage domestique de sécurisation

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