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Apply Now: $100,000 for Improving Your Constituent Feedback Solution

By Wayan Vota on November 9, 2020

feedback labs acceelerator

In countries all over the world, new digital tools are being created to help nonprofits, governments and donors listen to the people they seek to serve in new ways. These feedback systems can help organizations impact more constituents more effectively, by:

  • Improving organizational capacity to ask meaningful questions about their impact.
  • Promoting, channeling and organizing constituent responses.
  • Allowing organizations to quickly respond to feedback and test new approaches.

Feedback tools can look like mobile phone application, a virtual process connecting existing tools (for instance, connecting SMS texts to your Salesforce database), or a website that brings together survey analysis and public action.

$100,000 Feedback Labs Accelerator

Feedback Labs is looking for 5-9 nonprofits or social enterprises to join a year-long Feedback Tools Accelerator – a community of tool providers from the Global South working to learn from each other and scale their feedback solutions.

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Each organization selected will receive a grant ranging from $25K-$100K, as well as connections, advice, and (of course!) feedback on their work from their peers and Feedback Labs itself.

Feedback Labs will support tools that are in the early- to mid-stages of development and are showing signs of progress in addressing at least one stage of the Feedback Loop. In addition, the tool should be:

  • Created by and for communities in the Global South;
  • Complementing (versus duplicating) existing tools;
  • Beyond the pilot stage of implementation;
  • Tested by at least three organizations to collect feedback;
  • Developed by a nonprofit or social enterprise;
  • Provided to at least a limited number of pilot testers for free.

Apply Now! Deadline is November 15, 2020.

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4 Comments to “Apply Now: $100,000 for Improving Your Constituent Feedback Solution”

  1. Owens Mnubi says:

    There have been a good number of opportunities floated by ICTWorks calling for individuals or organisations to apply for one form of facilitations or the other, but hardly have I been up to dated on successful beneficiaries, save in few occasions. Are these ‘facilitations’ pranksters? Sorry!

    • Wayan Vota says:

      Hi Owens. We advertise the funding opportunities that we find. Each is a real organization, offering real cash grants. We often get updates from the organizations on whom they awarded grants to, and sometimes we get thank-you emails from those that applied via our notices and then received funding. We typically don’t advertise either. We do publish follow-up posts after a recipient has outcomes or learnings to share.

      For example, I was one of the people involved in founding Feedback Labs, the organization behind this call. I know the current executive director – I’ve met with her many times in the past. Therefore, I personally know that this call for funding of feedback systems is real, and a worthy effort to us to share. If you have a feedback system, or want to build one, I would suggest applying.

  2. Mulenga Emmanuel says:

    This is so powerful. I have been following step by step and I would not want to miss out. Therefore, I am asking for your format to use so that I can apply right here in Zambia. I need to protect a lot of children from all the dangers of this world that we considered bad. With your help and funding, I believe I can make it.

  3. Ajileye Ayodele says:

    I need funding for my project