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Apply Now: $1 Million for Your Big Data Solutions for Agriculture

By Wayan Vota on June 3, 2019

Advances in computing power, data storage, and data communications are creating powerful tools for helping make smallholder farming and food systems more precise, profitable, and adaptive. Later this week, ICTforAg 2019 will feature many digital innovations in agriculture.

However, digital agriculture worldwide has not realized its full potential. Despite active promotion from industry, the real rates of adoption of precision agriculture have been particularly slow in developing economies, especially machine learning, sensor technologies, and areal robotics.

$1 Million CGIAR Challenge Grant Funding Opportunity

The CGIAR Inspire Challenge is an opportunity for research organizations to partner with industry and leverage public good data – especially CGIAR data – to help:

  • Launch digital innovations in the agriculture sector to solve intractable challenges
  • Scale-up existing digital agriculture programs to attract investment capital.

Winning teams will receive $100,000 to put their big data ideas into practice during a 12-month small-scale proof of concept activity. Successful teams can receive an additional $250,000 scale-up funding and widespread adoption within CGIAR.

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Grant Funding Categories for 2019

The CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture has awarded over $2 million USD since 2017 to innovative ICTforAg projects using big data approaches to advance agricultural research and development. For 2019, the four grant funding categories include:

  • Revealing Food Systems: Mapping and monitoring food system flows to inform policy-makers and problem-solvers
  • Monitoring Pests & Diseases: Creating innovative disease diagnostic tools to alert on crop, livestock and fish threats
  • Empowering Data-Driven Farming: Bringing together data streams to have a positive impact on agronomic decision-making
  • Sensing and Renewing Ecosystems: Identifying key ways to mitigate or reverse ecological fragility related to agricultural production

In addition to one of the focus areas above, CGIAR Inspire Challenge proposals must be a collaboration between CGIAR staff and an external partner.

Apply Now: Deadline is June 17, 2019

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5 Comments to “Apply Now: $1 Million for Your Big Data Solutions for Agriculture”

  1. Nelson Cubiascanas says:

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      VegaMX is a US based software company with multinational consortium of experts in Agriculture, Maritime, Finance & Banking, Data Science, Aerospace, Government across globe. We are mainly operating in Precision Agriculture; Banking, Financial Services and Insurance and Weather & Disaster Management. Our solutions are based on highly advanced Earth Observation Satellites and RADAR – all weather applications. We make use of fusion of Satellite, Weather and Ground data with alternative data sets to provide intelligence for Businesses, Governments and Financial Institutions.

      Our deliverables in

      Crop Classification
      Forest acreage, stand density
      Yield Prediction
      Forest stock mapping
      Crop health monitoring and management
      Surveying, evaluating and monitoring forest health
      Crop Scheduling and harvest timing
      Crop insurance
      Planning conservation zones
      Fertilizer application, Plant and Soil Nutritional Advisory – VRT
      Fuel analysis
      Illicit crop monitoring
      Burn Scar Mapping and identification of fire risk zones
      Pest and invasive species monitoring
      Mapping of deforestation, Illegal logging, land degradation
      Irrigation requirements and application
      Monitoring of forest regrowth and conservation activitie
      Field boundary management & Field scale mapping
      Land Cover Mapping
      CO2 sequestration, GHG emission

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      Mobile Lending
      Static Credit Risk Rating model
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      Dynamic Credit rate Monitoring Product
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      Mobile platform to
      sell Harvest and
      Loan Pricing and valuation Product
      Drought Index Insurance
      Loan Structuring Service
      Flood Index Insurance
      Agri-Loan portfolio Monitoring Application
      Yield Index Insurance
      Agricultural Loan Portfolio Stress Application
      Local Storm Related Insurances

      Benefits of Satellite Imagery for Financial Services

      Earth Observation satellites, optical and RADAR – all weather, can capture data that traditional means cannot such as

      Ø Farm crop yields
      Ø Mapping of crops
      Ø Geo tagging farmland to specific farmers
      Ø Farm diversification
      Ø Planting cycles, and trends in production
      Ø Satellite data can guide ground data and estimate yield at village level.
      Ø Satellite data can reduce the transnational costs of reaching rural farmers and, ultimately, make finance more affordable for smallholder farmers.
      Ø Satellite imagery—in combination with demographics, financial, agronomic, geo-spatial, and psychometric data—provides sufficient detail on clients without an established credit history, to make lending decisions.
      Ø Post-loan support by utilizing satellite imagery to monitor the performance of loans through the cropping cycle
      Ø Space based data can reduce the cost, increase the credit approvals, and decrease turnaround time and non-performing loans

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