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Apply Now: £1.1 Million in Grants for Humanitarian Technology Solutions

By Wayan Vota on May 27, 2019

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The GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund promotes innovation in the use of mobile technology to address humanitarian challenges. It supports solutions to challenges associated with:

  • Complex Humanitarian Emergencies.
  • Forced Displacement

A Complex Humanitarian Emergency refers to a major humanitarian crisis of a multi-causal nature, which requires a multi-faceted, cross-sectoral, international response that goes beyond the mandate or capacity of any single agency. They are typically characterized by:

  • Extensive threat(s) to lives and livelihoods;
  • Population displacement;
  • Widespread damage to societies and economies; and
  • The need for large-scale, multi-faceted humanitarian assistance.

Forced Displacement refers to the forced removal of a person from his/her home or country, often due to armed conflict or natural disaster. This call for proposals is particularly interested in solutions that address challenges specific to protracted displacement.

Solutions which address preparedness and response to sudden onset natural disasters will not be considered eligible unless they also meet the above criteria.

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Technology Grant Funding Opportunities

The GSMA has three funding categories to provide different levels of cash grants and in-kind support for partnerships with MNOs throughout the humanitarian technology project lifecycle:

Category 1: Adapt existing mobile solutions for humanitarian relief

Do you have an established mobile-enabled project that is revenue generating in commercial markets that is 2-4 years old? Then you can ask for grant funding to adapt the current business model to humanitarian contexts and begin pilot testing the model.

Do note that organisations will be expected to ensure they have access to humanitarian experts that can guide their business case development.

Category 2: Test and validate new models of service delivery

Do you will have a minimum viable product (a product that already exists and has been tested but which may require further adaptations) in a humanitarian context ready for deployment? Have you carried out market research and validation activities with evidence of market demand with a proposed business model?

Then you can ask for grant funding to support product the roll-out, validate product uptake, and make further adaptations that will support further expansion or pivoting.

Category 3: Scale up solutions with proven potential for impact

Do you have an established product deployed with a Mobile Network Operator that’s already live in a humanitarian setting for at least 12 months? Do you seek transformative growth in the availability or presence of your product?

Then you can apply for grant funding to support further market validation, scaling or replication of your existing product across new geographies.

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Grant Funding and Matching Funding Amounts

All three categories of the GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund grant funding requires matching funding from the applicants in the form of donated goods or services and a specific cash amount.

Categories 1, 2 and 3:

  • Up to £100,000 grant requested: at least 10% match funding required, including minimum 5% cash match funding
  • £100,001 – £300,000 grant requested: at least 20% match funding is required, including minimum 10% cash match funding

Category 3 only:

  • £300,001 – £500,000 grant requested: at least 50% match funding is required, including minimum 25 % cash match funding)

Apply Now: Deadline is June 7, 2019

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