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Apply Now: $50,000 for AI and Environmental Justice Solutions

By Wayan Vota on September 27, 2023

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We are living through a climate emergency. While we understand that the impacts of this crisis will not be evenly distributed, they will be felt by all. Increasingly, we are learning about the effects that the growing use of AI will have on ecosystems and the people who live in them.

What steps might we take to reduce the environmental and climate impacts of AI adoption? And is there a role AI systems can play in addressing topics like environmental degradation, climate change, indigenous justice, food justice and energy justice?

AI and Environmental Justice Tech Fund

The Mozilla Technology Fund seeks open source projects at the intersection of environmental justice and AI which are making a positive impact in ecosystems and human communities.

Mozilla is interested in convening technical projects that have a firm grounding in environmental and climate justice, sustainability, and ecology – particularly projects which can address the health, economic and social impacts of climate change on marginalized groups.

The Mozilla Technology Fund supports open source projects which already have some momentum: a working prototype, a community of contributors and a user base. Given the early stage of research in the AI + environmental justice space, for this round of funding, they are also willing to consider earlier-stage and more experimental projects, provided they will be built by a team with a past track record of success.

Mozilla seeks to fund projects that will:

  • Expose or mitigate the climate impacts of AI systems
  • Utilize AI to conduct environmental impact assessments
  • Create prototype Grassroots AI systems for ecological management
  • Combat climate disinformation

The Mozilla Technology Fund will provide awards of up to $50,000 each and one year of mentorship and support to open source projects.

Apply Now! Deadline is October 5, 2023

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