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Apply Now: Yoti Humanitarian Technology Support Programme

By Wayan Vota on February 24, 2020

humanitarian tech support

Many humanitarian organisations (and humanitarian-focused startups) are turning to a wide variety of technologies to give them the kind of impact they’re going to need if they’re to put any kind of dent in urban displacement, conflict, antibiotic resistance to infectious disease, gang violence, extremism and climate change. Especially for one in every two people globally lives on less than $5.50 a day.

Despite the promise, though, many technology-focused humanitarian startups fail for all sorts of reasons. It doesn’t help that many of the biggest problems are found in the most challenging of places, and that many of the newest, shiny tech innovations might also struggle to work there.

On top of that, few humanitarian organisations or socially-focused tech startups  – particularly the smaller ones – have the kind of all-round expertise required to make their projects a success. Humanitarian problems are often as complex, if not more so, than the technologies organisations deploy to solve them.

Yoti Humanitarian Tech Support Programme

The Yoti Humanitarian Tech Support Programme can fill in humanitarian organisations’ skills gaps by helping them better understand the human, technical and environmental context of the work they’re undertaking, and to help them better design, test and deploy their solutions.

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The Support Programme makes use of Yoti’s:

  • Extensive experience of innovation in the global development sector,
  • Expansive list of networks and contacts,
  • Digital identity and broader technology expertise.

Every organisation is different, and their individual needs will very much depend on the team driving the project forward.

Potential Partner Profile

Yoti is looking for up to three humanitarian organisations (or tech-focused humanitarian startups) who might benefit from their global development and identity expertise. If you are doing any of the following you are welcome to apply:

Selected Programme Partners will receive the kind of advice and support you’d normally pay for, along with access to Yoti’s suite of technologies (and the technical support that goes with it). You can be based anywhere in the world, and be for-profit or non-profit, as long as your work is primarily humanitarian in focus.

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One Comment to “Apply Now: Yoti Humanitarian Technology Support Programme”

  1. THE CENTER says:


    1- THE VISION :-

    This vision is summarized by targeting keeping the human dignity, completing construction the equality and the justice society, law dominance, protecting public freedoms, citizens’ rights in the atmosphere of fraternity and forgiveness and spreading mercy among the Yemeni Society without any nepotisms or differences.

    2- THE MESSAGE:-

    The center is a voluntary non-profitable civil organization and works independently. It works under license NO:128 /2006 II. It aims to enlighten and train people to know about the International Humanitarian Law & Human Rights”, disseminating its culture, and providing and law consultations to the needy. and watching their conditions and Providing humanitarian assistance during wars and natural disasters.

    It also aims to prepare studies and researches concerned providing information, holding the training courses and symposiums running the campaigns, declaring the views, issuing the printings and data or newsletters and preparing the necessary reports. The cooperation with the similar locally and internationally organizations.

    3- THE GOALS :-

    1. To enlighten, teach, and to train the people the main concepts of the International Humanitarian Law & Human Rights.

    2. Spread the importance of the establishment of “The International Criminal Court” and the importance of joining it.

    3. Spreading the serious danger of children smuggling, working, and joining the army under the legal age .Besides, the importance of identifying their legal rights.

    4. Improving the conditions of the prisoners and the jails through the co-operation with local organizations and the related civil institutions.

    5. To support and uphold the issues of women and to identify their own rights.

    6. To educate people of their own rights and freedoms according to the rules and regulations.

    7. To breed young leaders to share in the building of their social developments and stressing on the significance of the inter-understanding and co-operation among the civilizations and cultures.

    8. Identifying the international agreements in regard to the rights of the refugees.

    9. Identifying the danger of organizing, owning and doing business with arms.

    10- Definition of international conventions on the rights of refugees

    11- Awareness of the need to regulate the possession of weapons and the risk of trafficking.

    12- Contribute to humanitarian action and relief during natural disasters and wars.

    13- Promote opportunities for peace, protect social cohesion and reject a culture of hatred and intolerance.


    1- Legal Affairs Unit
    2- Information and Publication Unit.
    3- Relations and Communications Unit.
    4- Studies and Research Unit.
    5- Financial and administrative unit.
    6- Women’s Unit.
    7- Youth and Students Unit.
    8- Unit of effort and humanitarian action
    9- Peace and Conflict Resolution Unit
    10- Child Rights Unit
    11- International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Unit
    12- International Relations Unit
    13- Workers Education Unit


    1- Legal Support Program.
    2- awareness Legal and legal awareness program in schools and universities.
    3- Youth for Humanity Program
    4- accountability, transparency and anti – corruption program.
    5- training program
    6- Humanitarian Relief
    7- University Reform and Higher Education Policy Reform Program
    8- In the right to education
    9- Peace programs
    10- A mine / UXO awareness program was launched
    11- Psychological rehabilitation programs