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Apply Now! $843 Million in USAID Funding for African Organizations

By Wayan Vota on May 3, 2021

usaid funding

The official USAID Business Forecast lists over $843 million in new funding opportunities for African organizations this year. USAID will be buying services from hundreds of companies like yours to improve health, education, agriculture, and civil society in 47 countries across sub-Saharan Africa.

 Learn how to apply for $4 Billion in USAID funding!

Those millions don’t even include the $1 billion NextGen Global Health Supply Chain contract for health products. This opportunity will promote locally-managed procurement and supply chain partners in the countries where USAID works.

USAID even has a New Partnerships Initiative with the specific goal to increase funding for new organizations like yours with bold, creative, and innovative approaches to social and economic development. NPI can give you the training and tools to win USAID funding.

Learn How to Get USAID Funding

Please RSVP Now to learn how you can access funding from USA-based donors at the Global Digital Development Forum on May 5. Our amazing agenda features this special session at 8:00 GMT this Wednesday:

How to Access USA Funding: A Practical Guide to Project Financing: Wayan Vota, Digital Health Director, IntraHealth International, Emily Whitfield Stupak, Business Development Manager, Making Cents International.

Emerging tech-enabled companies face challenges when seeking funding from USA-based donors like USAID, CDC, the Gates Foundation, and others. Learn how you can access grants and contracts for your EduTech, AgriTech, FinTech, and HealthTech solutions to scale nationwide and expand internationally.

This FREE event will walk through the bidding process, so you can learn the steps, assets, and preparations you need to win new business with major donors and their implementing partners like these:

Please sign up now to get more funding opportunities delivered to your inbox every Monday!

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58 Comments to “Apply Now! $843 Million in USAID Funding for African Organizations”

  1. Nancy wambui says:

    Would like to be one of your organisations

  2. Flourish Tamunobelema Ogan says:

    I wish to participate, how can I join

  3. DISA Life Sciences is a SA listed Company on the USAID database and also the Sole Supplier for the USA based Coopersurgical and Thermo Ablation Agencies .Our main goal is the Prevention , Detection and Cure for the Cervical Cancer pandemic in the SADEC counties. In terms of the delivery and results .DISA already commission successfully the following critical items./LEEP integrated Lletz machines/ Cryo units / Colposcopes / Thermal Ablation units in the densely populate low income Countries of Africa.

  4. Cortech Alternative Energy Solutions Inc.
    AKA Cortech Energy is a renewable energy firm specialized in installations solar solutions for residence, commercial and helping East Africa’s rural communities to access affordable renewable energy.

    Osman Ibrahim
    Founder/CEO, Cortech Energy.

  5. Rose says:

    Kindly add me on the list.

  6. Azeez Olalekan says:

    I also want to join

  7. Marcia says:

    Kindly add me on the list.

  8. Amos Joy says:

    Please add me

  9. A community based organisation working with the local people in a semi-arid and land of Baringo County, Kenya.

  10. Usman Ahmed says:

    I want join

  11. NSIKAK AKPAN says:

    I need the money for human capital development

  12. Chuka Odunukwe MD FACS says:

    Hospital built about 1960, non profit in Enugu Nigeria.
    Will want to modernize and improve its processes and relocate back from USA and train young physician

  13. Veronica says:

    Add me up please

  14. To help the helpless and empowering the hopeless through agricultural sector as a sustainable. For widows/ orphanage
    hunger Relief, using green energy house systems.


    I am interested in this good development, how do I join or apply

  16. Frank says:

    I want to join please

  17. Joseph says:

    Can I join, have just started solar power movement for rural houses and schools. Its a pleasure to have this chance

  18. Dan Ojogo says:

    Kindly I want to join

  19. Pinkie says:

    Please send more information
    Thank you

  20. Edith says:

    I want to join

  21. Robert Rabo Dodo says:

    This is a good hope for African especially those down through in our societies, USAID will forever been remembered with this gesture

  22. Lylian Vegulla says:

    I would like to join

  23. Thank you , please I would like to join.

  24. Odelade Olajide says:

    I want to join

  25. Amos Joy says:

    That is good am interested I wish to participate how do I join

  26. Prisca Kavota says:

    I am very much interested, l want to join

  27. Kolawole Mary Omolara says:

    Would like to join for farming ina rural setting in Oyo state

  28. Sunday Janet Oyiza says:

    Please kindly join me

  29. Our work is to help the community live a sustainable life through
    dry land reclamation to away of making income.

  30. We are also looking for support from well wishers to be able to achieve our community development goals.

  31. Abdul rahman lukman says:

    I want to join.

  32. Florence kimetto says:

    We operate a women SACCO, registered by the Kenya Government two years ago. How can we be assisted?

  33. I want to participate all the way. Let me have the link please!

  34. Mazimba Frank says:

    I wanna be happy to join

  35. George mwendwa Phillip says:

    I wanna like to join

  36. Daniel Olamigoke says:

    I am interested please kindly add me.

  37. Tamunosaki Omubo says:

    At Milan Global Services Nigeria, we are on the process of manufacturing a flywheel generator sets that will not use fuel or diesel to function.
    With alternator, flywheel and electric motor,,.. there comes electricity.
    We need partnership.
    Call or WhatsApp@ +2348151498696
    Tamunosaki Omubo, Managing Director.

  38. Tamunosaki Omubo says:

    At Milan Global Services Nigeria,
    With alternator, flywheel and electric motor,,.. there comes electricity.
    Generator set without fuel and diesel.
    We need partnership.
    Call or WhatsApp@ +2348151498696
    Tamunosaki Omubo, Managing Director.

  39. Mohammed Bello Ahmed says:

    please add me,because I think that’s the right way to go in helping we Africans to overcome challenges.

  40. Wayan Vota says:

    Thank you for sharing your interest in learning how to access USAID funding. Please register now to attend the Global Digital Development Forum. You must register with GDDF to attend this session.

  41. Rhoda Hammond says:

    USAID is doing a very good job, add me pls my Foundation has a lot of less privilege children we educate and needs assistance to do more

  42. Ahmed obadi Ahmed says:

    I own kg to high school in Ethiopia. Created a job for 200 plus workers. I’m now financially stranded. Could the the organisation save please from closing.
    Thank you
    Ahmed obadi

  43. Kanyago Maureen says:

    Add me please if possible

  44. Kolawole Mary Omolara says:

    Would like to be a member,if I could be helped for a multi cassava farming and processing in a rural setting in Oyo state, Nigeria for food production and job creations especially for women and local youths.

  45. Justice Hazele says:

    Want to embark or carry out Agribusiness programmes kind I need the surport

  46. Hi, I will like to be a members, right now I have a cosmetic school in Switzerland, but my most hope is to go do the same job in Africa, I am originally from Congo democratic, and l have land that I will like to build a school for women’s education , I don’t have enough money for that .. may hope is for you to help me to realize this dream. Adding me in this membership it’s will be my hope.

  47. Edith says:

    My name is Edith from Nigeria,I want to run a school from daycare to kg but am financially handicapped,I have a land to develop the school in order to help the community as affordable school for the less privilege are not around my area, it’ll be a blessing to my vision if am selected among those to serve humanity, God bless you

  48. Selma Sakeus says:

    Good day sir/Madam
    I would like to apply for this type of fund,to uplift Africa in any case, especially unemployed and orphans in our Africa.

  49. Mekwunye Kidochukwu Prince says:

    My Company, Just Fix It Synergy Nig Ltd is a sustainable development company in WASH sector. Our major competency is design, construction, upgrade and rehabilitation of water works to meet daily water demand of people in rural and urban communities.
    We engage in radio advocacy on water resource management as this is ideal in meeting Sustainable Development Goals in WASH sector.

  50. Michael Simidu says:

    To help the helpless and empowering the hopeless through agricultural sector…..

  51. mark aggrey says:

    Hello was the May 5th session recorded, if so can you share the link?


  52. PHILIP NZUMA says:

    I would like to join

  53. ilyas osman abdinur says:

    kindly add me the list

  54. Michael Simidu says:

    Please share the link

  55. Philip Nzuma says:

    Can you give Grant support to our organization in Kenya machakos county we are dealing with widows, single mothers and elderly women