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Apply Now: $300,000 for USAID Digital Agriculture Ecosystem Assessments

By Wayan Vota on May 19, 2021

agriculutre technology innovation

Digital agriculture solutions for weather-based insurance, pest diagnostic, agronomic advice, and crop monitoring can revolutionize yields and income for smallholder farmers in many developing countries, and lead to greater community food security and resilience.

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These innovative agritech solutions require strong digital agriculture ecosystems for success, including country-level regulations, farm-to-market linkages, and greater digital literacy, digital readiness, and Internet access for rural farming communities.

USAID Digital Agriculture Ecosystem Assessments

USAID Digital Agriculture Ecosystem Assessments from the Bureau for Resilience and Food Security will invest up to $52,500 per country in helping USAID Missions in Haiti, Honduras, Malawi, Mali, Tajikistan, and Uganda to assess the digital agriculture ecosystem in their respective countries, including:

  • Stakeholder mapping of the relevant ICT4Ag actors within each country.
  • Key ICTforAg challenges and opportunities within each ecosystem
  • Opportunities and challenges specific to women’s digital engagement
  • A local presence in the focus country by team members

Each assessment will take about a 4-6 months and contain desk research and planning, interviews, and analysis and report writing, starting in July 2021. Assessors will report to the DAI Digital Frontiers program.

Apply Now! Deadline is May 31, 2021

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13 Comments to “Apply Now: $300,000 for USAID Digital Agriculture Ecosystem Assessments”

  1. Kosal Sok says:

    Dear Mr Wayan Vota,
    Thank you so much for the useful information. Even so, I cannot find something to starting up our HCS nonprofit organisation. I need your help how to do?
    Thank you in advance for more advice.
    Kosal Sok
    Cofounder of HCS (Help poor Children to reach School)

  2. Adesegha Eric Bayonle says:

    I will be grateful if l could get the grant in order to boost my farm

  3. Juma Killaghai says:

    This is very good for the global good

  4. Orji olo says:

    Good one indeed. Pls is this grant not open to Nigerians Farmers ?

  5. Jerry Dickens Onyango.wlllo says:

    Would appreciate if I can get the grant to embark on large scale farming of sesame(sesamum indicum) for export to USA

  6. Alex says:

    I kindly would wish yo get support in scaling up my model farm which is based in Kenya aimed at youth and Women empowerment, someone please link me up with such grants/partners.

  7. Dr Litala Geoffrey Kennedy says:


  8. Celina murithi says:

    Beautiful .Am in Kenya doing model farm. I need some capital to commercialize my recycling process

  9. Shonibare A Andrew says:

    This is great, I hope to be one of the beneficiaries of this grant so that I can improve on my farming business nice one indeed.

  10. Kosal Sok says:

    Ladies and Gentlement,

    Thank you so much for the useful information.
    It would be great if our new non-profit organization (involved in agriculture, alleviating poverty, helping poor children go to school, etc.) could get the grant to accelerate the humanitarian activities of our organization.

    Kosal SOK

  11. Kosal Sok says:

    How can we apply for USAID Digital Agriculture Ecosystem Assessments?

  12. Oceng bonny says:

    Hello am running a producer and marketing cooperative for oil crops majorly soybean and sunflower
    I need some grands to boost the operation of the cooperative

  13. Anthony Nwigwe says:

    Hello I have a small rice farm in Enugu Nigeria, how can I benefit from this initiative ? Thank you. Nwigwe Anthony.