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Apply Now: $15,000 Grants for Your EduTech Nonprofit Organization

By Wayan Vota on May 17, 2021

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With COVID-19 Digital Response, educational institutions are pivoting their learning programs to virtual engagements. The switch is painful for everyone, and can be detrimental to children’s educational outcomes if not done right.

Many nonprofit ICT4Edu organizations in developing countries need training, technology, and funding to successfully move to online or blended learning programs in light of the pandemic. Teacher training, classroom pedagogy, and even textbook curriculum has to change to support new approaches to how learners learn learning.

$15,000 Grants and Free EduTech Consulting

Team4Tech Call For Partners is looking for impactful new nonprofit organizations who are focused on education, entrepreneurship, or workforce development.

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Organizations that have a vision for how technology can help them amplify their impact on learner outcomes, learner engagement, and teacher and staff effectiveness can receive hundreds of hours of pro-bono capacity building support from corporate partners and up to $15,000 in matching technology grants per year in support of identified educational goals.

Team4Tech is supporting 24 nonprofit educational organizations in 19 countries in 2021, and they aim to reach 30 organizations by 2022 with $450k in annual grants and capacity building support to improve edutech teaching and learning in 3-5 year collaborations.

Apply Now! Deadline is June 11, 2021

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19 Comments to “Apply Now: $15,000 Grants for Your EduTech Nonprofit Organization”

  1. Rural Education and Development Programme REDEP) is a Ghanaian NGO working in rural communities within Ajumako Enyan Essiam District of the Central Region-Ghana.
    REDEP is pleased to sign up for your email updates.

  2. Duncan says:

    Would like to partner with your organization for long term impact

  3. Address_saket, Nagar imaliya road kareli
    Gmail I’d_amushrikareli@gmail
    Field_rural ariea education and development

  4. We are the organisation of Nkosibagcine Orphans HIV/AIDS working with 45 volunteers and 110 children. We are working with disabile homeless orphans and old people. We are an non profit organisation. We are in need of shelter food parcales and clothes

  5. health.education.litrecy.plz.sactionedproject


    SAVE YOUNG LIVES FOUNDATION UGANDA is a nonprofits making organisation established on 19th March with a registration number 085 at the refugee camp settlement

  7. We at Etreasure House Foundation Int’l a workforce solutions developers will like to share with thrives as volunteer organization. To affect more becollaborative impact round the world.

  8. We are jointasdev registered and operating in Cameroon, we are focus on human right, that is we uplift the rights of vulnerable women and children in hard to reach forest community, we are also engage in humanitarian aids and donation for vulnerable and affected children. We are struggle to achieve sustainable with forest ecosystem and the environment bu engage local people into sustainable agriculture ,[email protected]

  9. We are based in Baringo County,Kenya.We are helping the local communities living in Semi-Arid and Arid Land to Improve their livelihoods through Agricultural planting of drought resistant type of grass called “Cenchrus Ciliaris”.We trained the community and helped them sale grass seeds and fodder hay for income.This has been found to a great practical achievement that has transformed peoples lives where life has been hard or almost impossible.

  10. Auwal says:

    One of the world best platforms in edutech

  11. Salim juma mirodho says:

    Thanking the grant organizations because this what the people needed after coroner effect.we have been supporting the community but we need more support too.

  12. !Beatrice says:

    Good idea

  13. Kennedy says:

    Am a poultry farmer with 600 layers bird helping rural villages to rear chickens for family support fund . Have motivated more than 100 families in poultry and if we get Good sponsors we can enlighten more in poverty eradication , kindly advise and consider your support will be appreciated indeed.

  14. Frank Wilson Arthur says:

    We are in Ghana am I qualify to apply for Oct Grant? (CROSSROADS FAMILY GHANA.

  15. We are asking for GODS fevers and blessings to those family’s,who support community and give grants to help the needy.our organization is truly warming most parts of Kenya and Africa in areas of community conflict and emergency disaster responders,we at a Appling for enumerating Grants,or donation.

  16. Chimee says:

    Nice to be here

  17. Motivated Women for Grassroot Support and Development initiative is an NGO saddle with responsibility of helping and empower people in the grassroot area. We will like to partner with your organization

  18. Tumusime Charles says:

    African Youth Initiative for Development(AYID)
    A non profit community based organisation it is based on sensitising young people on Cross cutting issues such as HIVI & AIDS, Youth economic transformation and nutrition support to HIV victims.

  19. Arjunarao nalla says: