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Apply Now: $1.5 Million Smart Agriculture Grants from Gates Foundation

By Wayan Vota on February 1, 2021

gates foundation grant

Smallholder farmers suffer from fundamental challenges to improving their own food security and their communities nutritional resilience. They face low agriculture productivity driven by multiple factors:

  • Incomplete information and minimal services
  • Climate change, weather variability and pest/disease outbreaks
  • Few tailored financial and insurance products
  • Lack of access to and choice of market and offtake options
  • Low language and digital literacy
  • High relative cost of services and devices
  • Gender gaps and a growing digital divide

Gates Foundation Smart Farming Grand Challenge

The Smart Farming Innovations for Small-scale Producers Grand Challenge for Development from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seeks innovative digital solutions with potential to drive positive impact for smallholder farmer entrepreneurs. The agritech solutions delivered through bundled farmer services should be enabled by scalable digital and data platforms.

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ICT4Ag solutions should address one or more challenges facing small scale crop and livestock producer entrepreneurs in one or more areas of:

  • Agricultural advisory
  • Farm management decision support
  • Input supply
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Market access and linkages

These grants are focused on ICTforAg solutions in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria, India, and Bangladesh. There are two grant funding opportunists – Seed Grants and Scale-Up Grants. Applicants can only apply for one of these grant types.

USD 250,000 Seed Grants

Seed Grants are for Smart Farming solutions that can demonstrate potential in meeting the following criteria within 12 months:

  • Leveraging digital technology innovations with the potential to scale,
  • Show potential to improve incomes, productivity and ability to adapt to climate change;
  • Address barriers to scaled adoption of digital services: access, affordability, language and digital literacy.
  • Have potential to be bundled with multiple farmer-facing services into an integrated solution;
  • Are enabled by robust digital and data technology platforms and services;

USD 1,500,000 Scale-Up Grants

Scale Up Grants are for Smart Farming Solutions with demonstrated evidence of positive impact within 24 months. In addition to Seed Grant criteria, Scale-Up Grants must also:

  • Leverage digital technology innovations with demonstrated readiness to scale and proven ability to bundle with other services;
  • Be a scalable platform with sustainable bundled service delivery models;
  • Demonstrate value capture by farmers or other value chain actors over the long term.

Apply Now! Deadline is February 25, 2021

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14 Comments to “Apply Now: $1.5 Million Smart Agriculture Grants from Gates Foundation”

  1. I like this post as it will enrich our agricultural activities in our country

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  3. SILAS DANG says:

    Good day and well wishes to you for the great work you are doing to salvage lives of the imporverished.
    I very much interested to apply for Gates Foundation Smart Farming Grand Challenge
    Great if you guide me further.
    Silas Dang

  4. Very proud to be associated with your organization

  5. Joshua Oloo says:

    This is a very good initiative that will benefit many farmers to scale up their farming activities and productivity. It’s my wish to benefit from this initiative since I have very strong interests in agriculture and funding is a real challenge that is hindering better results in this noble business.

  6. pradip udar says:

    We are living in rural India we are running ngo for rural people and school children so we realy need grand
    Please contact us
    Trimurti bahuddeshiya pratistan chambhurdi Shrigonda Ahmednagar maharashtra India 413703
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    We need help from the well wishers to come to us in older to assist these people to archive their plans they want to have bumper cultivation
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  8. Mary Yuyi says:

    This programme sounds very good it has come at a time when we are planning to work with farmers,do an outgrower system to help the communities have something to sustain their families. We need to grow more food so that we feed the nation’s in Africa and abroad. We are teaching farmers on modern techniques on farming and selling seed,we are specialised in garlic,ginger and turmeric being high value crops and their nutritional and medicinal benefits.

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    All our efforts of helping the farmers are sourced from the founding members and fundraising.

    We are ready to work and deliver the success

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  11. Domician Charles says:

    Good idea, worth attempting

  12. Please visit our website
    And see who we are but the fact is we need some donors to work or to assist us in order to reach our goal
    Dont forget that we are working in the remote area with Vunerable people

  13. Segun Emmanuel ogunmola says:

    Highly interested to get Grant to assist the unemployed ,less priviledged, and children, women,men, and youth generally so that they can be self sustained. This is my vision to reduce poverty in Nigeria and globally , to make positive impact in this generation & next generation. To be an employer of labour’s. Thanks. Yours faithfully,
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  14. Nyerembe Munasa says:

    I sent in time our project concept note but it was not delivered!