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Apply Now: $1 Million Seed Funds for Digital Health Startups in East Africa

By Wayan Vota on February 10, 2020

digital health startup seed funding

East Africa as a whole has experienced rapid economic growth over the past five years. The combined healthcare market across Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia is $8 Billion today, and set to grow to $15 Billion by 2030.

However, a majority of patients pay for healthcare out-of-pocket, which drives healthcare providers to seek new approaches to improve healthcare delivery and reduce costs.

$1 Million Seed Funding for Digital Health Startups

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The TechEmerge Health East Africa program from the International Finance Corporation offers startup companies the opportunity to access to robust network of East Africa health systems – potential customers for startup company digital health services. Start up companies can access:

  • Up to $1 million USD in seed funding to support pilot projects in East Africa
  • Additional investment from the International Finance Corporation
  • Guidance from a global network of advisors to develop market entry strategies
  • Over 20 leading private healthcare providers in Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia

TechEmerge Health East Africa seeks privately owned companies, typically with less than 50 employees and less than US$100M in venture capital funding, which have a proven healthcare solution, installed with at least one health system.

These companies should have demonstrated managerial capacity to implement field testing and pilot projects in East Africa that can reach up to 285 facilities, with over 2,850 beds, serving over 6.5 million patients annually.

Apply Now! Deadline is February 25, 2020

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5 Comments to “Apply Now: $1 Million Seed Funds for Digital Health Startups in East Africa”

  1. Kennedy Bullen says:

    Is there any fund allocated for South Sudan? I haven’t seen South Sudan in the list… Please advise

    • Wayan Vota says:

      Kennedy, this call for applications is specific to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. You may want to ask TechEmerge or IFC directly why their East Africa program does not include South Sudan.

  2. Marietjie Esterhuizen says:

    What about South Africa and Botswana?

  3. Shabani Kipindura says:

    I cant see any fund for Tanzania even if it is located in East Africa.

    • Wayan Vota says:

      The grant fund donor decided that they would focus only on three countries in East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia. Tanzania is not part of this call for proposals