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4 Reasons to Get Serious About Online Training in 2020

By Tech Change on January 16, 2020

how to teach online training

In January 2019, we ran our online certificate course: “How to Teach Online” for the first time ever. We had 100 participants from 30 countries and 10 guest experts from the likes of USAID, Jhpiego, UNC Business School, Humentum, HarvardX, and Lyft.

Running this course allowed us to share lessons learned from our ten years of teaching online and bring together experts from multiple sectors for truly groundbreaking best practice sharing.

This year we plan to build off the initial success and run round 2 of TC101 How to Teach Online from Jan 27-Feb 21. Use the special code ICTWORKS to activate a $100 discount!

4 Reasons to Get Serious About Online Training

Here are 4 reasons you and your colleagues should consider joining us for this exploration of online training skills and approaches.

Subject matter experts (SMEs) are usually not trainers.

And yet subject matter experts are often called upon to create training content or contribute to capacity building project components. This is a classic challenge in development. But if SMEs can build skills in online training and facilitation and that can make a huge difference for your project. And our course can help!

The Journey to Self-Reliance is paved in peer-to-peer learning.

Over the years a large percentage of participants and experts in TechChange online courses have come from the Global South. That percentage continues to grow: Participants from all over the world are eager to learn skills and approaches that allow them to manage and execute development initiatives themselves, rather than relying on external partners.

We’ll examine USAID’s new digital strategy (as well as others from various donor agencies) in this context, and explore the opportunities and pitfalls of designing online trainings and digital content.

Educational tools and technologies change fast.

The edtech landscape changes fast. If you’re in the midst of trying to decide how to actually build and deliver on online training, this course is essential. Zoom, Slack, Teachable, Moodle, Udemy, Camtasia, Articulate, Captivate, EdX: This course will help you make sense of a growing list of tools and technologies for delivering a powerful course experience.

Instructional design is a growing field.

Finally, maybe you want to get serious about a career change in 2020? Instructional design is an exciting and growing field with many job opportunities in international development and beyond. Before you go out and enroll in expensive graduate degree program, consider starting your journey with us.

This course will introduce you to the tools, skills, and strategies needed to excel. And if you’re already a seasoned instructional designer, consider joining to brush up on your skills, network with leading edtech minds, and contribute to a unique and memorable shared learning journey.

Online Training Course Topics

The TechChange How to Teach Online course will dive deeper into these topics:

  • The science and psychology of learning online
  • The history and evolution of distance learning
  • Best practices in designing powerful offline and online activities
  • Working effectively with subject matter experts in course design process
  • How to stage and scope good online assessments
  • Tips for running a best-in-class webinar
  • How to get more engagement out of your online community
  • How to deliver content in low-resource settings
  • Educational credentialing with blockchain
  • Business models in online learning: how to make it sustainable
  • How to deal with complex language and translation challenges
  • The future of learning

Online Training Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Critically analyze both the opportunities and the pitfalls that emerge when working with digital technology to deliver educational content
  • Connect relevant educational theories to the technological strategies and tools discussed in the course
  • Manage specific educational technology software platforms and tools
  • Design effective strategies for using tools and platforms to improve training outcomes and foster more robust virtual communities
  • Become more confident in using technology to address online training and learning challenges

Be sure to sign up for round 2 of TC101 How to Teach Online that runs from January 27 to February 21, 2020. Use the special code ICTWORKS to activate a $100 discount!

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One Comment to “4 Reasons to Get Serious About Online Training in 2020”

  1. Koye Beck says:

    Online training can be the lifeline of many SME. With online training, the cost is affordable to the organization; and at the same time, student can learn at their on pace. On the other hand, the training provider is also at an advantage. The provider will be able to provide the course to a wider audience/students.
    For this reason, I totally support the four reasons you have mentioned in the post.