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Apply Now: Paid Google Artificial Intelligence Residency Program

By Wayan Vota on November 25, 2019

google artificial intellegence grant funding

Machine learning is fast becoming a critical area for a broad range of applications, and people from a wide range of disciplines are beginning to realize the importance of evolving research goals to include a breadth of artificial intelligence subfields.

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With growing interest in the field, there is a corresponding need for researchers with hands-on experience in machine learning techniques and methodologies, and the need for training and supporting the next generation of deep learning researchers.

Apply Now to the Google AI Residency Program

The Google AI Residency Program is a 12-month research training role designed to jumpstart or advance your career in machine learning research.

Google is looking for individuals who are motivated to learn and have a strong interest and passion for machine learning research. The ideal candidate either has a  BS, MS or PhD degree or equivalent experience in STEM field such as Computer Science, Math or Statistics.

Google AI Residents can work in one of several program locations, including:

  • Mountain View, New York, Cambridge, or Seattle, USA
  • Montreal or Toronto, Canada
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Tel Aviv, Israel

Residents will have the opportunity to be mentored by distinguished scientists and engineers from various teams within Google’s artificial intelligence teams, and work on real-world machine learning problems and applications across Google and Alphabet.

Apply Now! Deadline is December 19, 2019

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One Comment to “Apply Now: Paid Google Artificial Intelligence Residency Program”

  1. Arome Tairu Adamu says:

    I wish to apply for this opportunity but my country (Nigeria) is not among the selected countries.