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London Technology Salon: How Can We Empower Women and Girls with Mobiles?

By Wayan Vota on March 5, 2013

We would be delighted to invite you to RSVP to join a select cohort of thought leaders and decision makers for the first Technology Salon in London, where Henriette Kolb, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, and Chris Locke, GSMA Mobile for Development, will open up a dialogue to explore how women and girls can be truly empowered through mobile technology.

Girls and MobilesIn 2000, only 4% of developing world had mobile phones, yet the mobile industry body, GSMA, is predicting that by 2015, mobile phone penetration will be 100%.

At this adoption rate, we need to move the conversation about mobile phones on from simply being one about access and to consider the use, purpose, and outcomes we can create when everyone has a mobile device.

To achieve this vibrant connected global community, we need to face up to the fact that women and girls – representing over half the world’s population – are routinely and often actively discouraged from using mobile device.

The debate and discussion at this event will get to grips with a number of key questions:

  • There is a defined mobile gender gap, and while women and girls may soon have access, what will they use mobile devices for? How can we as the development community accelerate their access and ensure it is equal and beneficial – to women and girls, to their families, and to the community at large?
  • In our rush to get women and girls connected, what are the ethical considerations in promoting their use of ICT? When is it right or wrong to influence a female shift to mobile devices? Could this shift be harmful, or actually increase marginalization in vulnerable populations, like women and girls?
  • Finally, there is a gender gap in ICT use globally. Why should we expect a different gender divide in the developing world versus OECD countries?

We would like to invite you to RSVP to this email as soon as possible to secure one of only 30 spaces. The format of this Technology Salon event will only include 30 guests, to allow for a content rich discussion, where everyone has the chance to participate and share fully in the debate. Use of PowerPoint and presentations is discouraged to allow plenty of time for discussion.

Empowering Women and Girls with Mobiles
March Technology Salon London
9:30 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Wednesday, March 20th, 2013
Gates Foundation Central London

Please note that you will receive an email confirming your place at this event.

About the Technology Salon™

subscribersThe Technology Salon™ is an intimate, informal, and in person, discussion between information and communication technology experts and international development professionals, with a focus on both:

  • technology’s impact on donor-sponsored technical assistance delivery, and
  • private enterprise driven economic development, facilitated by technology.

Our meetings are lively conversations, not boring presentations. Attendance is capped at 30 people – and frank participation with ideas, opinions, and predictions is actively encouraged.  It’s also a great opportunity to meet others motivated to employ technology to solve vexing development problems. Join us today!

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