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Apply Now: $150,000 Grants for Community Internet Services Solutions

By Wayan Vota on June 29, 2020

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There is still digital divide around the world, regardless of how many people have access to mobile phones, 3G wireless coverage, or community telecenters. As the Alliance for Affordable Internet says, we need to have Meaningful Connectivity that includes:

  • Regular internet use – minimum threshold: daily internet access
  • An appropriate device – minimum threshold: access to a smartphone
  • Enough data – minimum threshold: An unlimited broadband connection at home, or place of work or study
  • A fast connection – minimum threshold: 4G mobile connectivity

One way we can achieve that first metric – regular Internet use – is to create services that are directly relevant to communities and their members. Internet-based services that respond to community needs and create opportunity for its members.

$150,000 Community Internet Services Grants

The Internet Society Foundation has launched a Strengthening Communities/Improving Lives and Livelihoods (SCILLS) grant program to expand economic growth, improve health outcomes and increase educational opportunities by supporting individuals and communities to more knowledgeably and skillfully use the Internet.

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The Foundation has grant funding for programs that will be implemented in Bangladesh, Colombia and Senegal that focus on the following opportunities:

  • Economic Growth: Internet solutions that help communities leverage Internet access to build financial opportunities, increase economic independence, and create sustainable income sources.
  • Healthcare: Internet solutions that support communities to leverage Internet access to improve health outcomes, facilitate patient care and upskill local healthcare providers.
  • Education: Internet solutions that support communities to leverage Internet access to increase entry to basic education, improve learning outcomes and increase teaching skills.

Given the exceptional situation created by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Foundation will also accept applications that leverage the Internet for COVID-19 Digital Response in these three focus areas.

Apply Now! Deadline is July 3, 2020

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5 Comments to “Apply Now: $150,000 Grants for Community Internet Services Solutions”

  1. I wish to receiving your mail and give me the information on how to go about the three proposal.

  2. FALALU junaidu says:


  3. Ahuriire Uganda Limited - ICT Services says:

    We also believe that ICT works. We are a Seven year old company with intending to grow globally, enabling SMMEs(Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises ) to excel and scale up through Digital and Data technologies.

    We are looking for funding opportunities and partnerships to grow in Uganda and globally.

    Be blessed
    Fr. Emmanuel Tusiime

  4. Thank you for this opportunity! We are a community based organization. We are requesting you to provide us with information on how we would apply for the funds to expand internet access in our catchment area. Please send information to us.

  5. peter chinedum says:

    mine is a community based resource management initiative but based nigeria. kindly include nigeria in the list of participating countries