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Apply Now: £250,000 for Your Assistive Digital Technology in Africa & Asia

By Wayan Vota on September 21, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated connectivity is a fundamental right. Never before has it been so important for people across the world to access daily health information, call for assistance, or access education online via COVID-219 Digital Response.

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However, for the estimated 15 per cent of the world’s population who live with some form of disability there is a risk of being left behind. For example, the GSMA found that in Kenya and Bangladesh, people living with disabilities experienced barriers to owning and using a mobile phone.

£250,000 Grant Funds for Assistive Tech

The GSMA Innovation Fund for Assistive Technology supports start-ups, small to medium sized companies, or revenue generating social enterprises, in LMICs across Africa and Asia to achieve sustainable growth and improve the lives of people with disabilities with up to £250,000 grant funding opportunities.

The Fund is looking for applications or solutions that will address five key barriers:

  • Access – increasing accessibility and usability of handsets and mobile services for people with disabilities.
  • Affordability – improving the affordability of handsets or mobile phones and usage fees for people with disabilities.
  • Relevance – ensuring availability of content, products and services that are relevant to, and meet the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Knowledge and skills – providing people with disabilities with the knowledge and skills required to access and use mobile services, as well as increasing awareness and understanding of the benefits of mobile technology.
  • Safety and Security – addressing harassment, theft, fraud and security concerns of people with disabilities who want to use mobile services and/or building trust in these services

The GSMA Innovation Fund for Assistive Technology has mentoring on the use of mobile technology including expert advice and bringing organisations together physically or virtually to share relevant insights on business growth, and best practices on how to overcome the barriers preventing the digital inclusion of people with disabilities, in addition to grant funding.

Apply Now! Deadline is October 16, 2020

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