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Apply Now: $200,000 in Amazon Web Services for Your ICT4D Innovation

By Wayan Vota on September 14, 2020

aws grant funding

In today’s operating environment, every business needs access to cloud-based computing infrastructure. Nonprofit organizations are no different.

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NGOs also need access to cloud technology as a central tool in achieving their mission. In fact, nonprofit organizations need to prioritize technology as a mission-critical component of their projects.

Amazon Web Services Grant Funding

The AWS Imagine Grant Program is open to registered 501(c) nonprofit organizations in the United States who are using technology to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

Amazon is offering two major benefits to proposals for pilot projects, proof of concepts, strategic technology planning, or existing programs that use technology in a new or expanded way to accelerate impact in local and global communities:

  • $100,000 in unrestricted grant funding
  • $100,000 in AWS Promotional Credits

Proposals will be judged on several factors including the innovative and unique nature of the project, impact on mission-critical goals, and clearly defined outcomes and milestones.

Apply Now! Deadline: September 30, 2020

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7 Comments to “Apply Now: $200,000 in Amazon Web Services for Your ICT4D Innovation”

  1. Simon Nag says:

    Kindly praying for my ministries
    Because I am searching fund for my ministries
    Please help me !

  2. Sindhu says:

    CLT India (Regd. as Children’s LoveCastles Trust), founded in 1977, is a not for profit that has created an eco-system under the umbrella of CLT e-Patashale, where pedagogy and technology would come together to give access to quality educational resources for the remote teachers in the under-served schools. The model is based on Master Teachers designing innovative STEM content in regional languages and technology team creating multiple delivery systems as a complementary support to government efforts to improve education.

    Our Classroom APP, CLT’s ‘Lab-in-the-Box’, has enabled 4,000 rural schools – 3,000 in Karnataka alone- with an e-learning ecosystem, where teachers can access content in their own languages without the need of internet. Through CLT e-Patashale, the primary goals of access, inclusion, and equity have been attained: 2 million students and 80,000 teachers across 8 States have already been directly impacted. In addition to in-class use, it helps students with remedial, accelerated, and peer-to-peer learning to counter teacher shortages. The one which will drive the greatest change will be harnessing the sharp rise of mobile internet usage in rural areas to reach children outside the formal classroom space. CLT has made inroads into giving direct access to students and teachers, by launching 2 mobile APPs, that will truly change the face of education in underserved communities.

    CLT would like to apply for ‘$200,000 in Amazon Web Services for Your ICT4D Innovation’. CLT India has a sister organisation in the US with the 501(c) document. However, CLT India is based out of Bangalore, India. Would CLT still be able to apply for the grant?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Wayan Vota says:

      Sindhu, your organization and effort to provide educational opportunities in in India is commendable. However, the AWS Imagine Grant Program requires the submitting entity to be a registered 501(c) nonprofit organization in the United States. You will need to partner with such and entity to apply for this grant funding call for proposals.

  3. Simon Nag says:

    Greetings from Shalom ministries from Odisha State,India
    Shalom charitable trust is searching fund for orphan ministry for build a Orphan home at Bolangir and to open a office and need a community hall and a piece of land for sport so I am requested to you please give me fund for go to ahead there fore I am applying grant $200 ,0000 !
    With regards
    Simon Nag
    President of social and Lamb Oblige ministry


    M-Abba glink colabration with pantami development foundation, our aims are to teach poor children and orphan digitally, our achievement now, we have two graduate,that graduates from gombe state university , computer science, so need assistance from many organization in order us to help younger ones digital education and other businesses.

  5. Dear All,

    On behalf of SisTec, I write to first appreciate your institution’s interest and partnership support to the furtherance of ICT Education work with young people particular young woman and girls in Sierra Leone.

    SisTec Sierra Leone looking at training 200 young woman and girls including Schools pupils computer hardware and software for free. I have been doing very well in schools and colleges please see links of our activities:


    SisTec GirlGOICT has clear social and ecological benefits, but it is not a long-term solution to equipping our society and economy to deal with social security. However, I am also looking at training young people starting October, 2020 by bringing the youth together to provide a central forum to develop an improved understanding and assessment of the ICT Educational impacts in the South and in the North of Sierra Leone; allow discussion and development of informed decisions on practical adaptation strategies in different areas of ICT Education in Sierra Leone, as well as the development of appropriate mechanism for continuous information exchange on online impacts and adaptation amongst the districts in my country Sierra Leone.

    We are asking you to please support us with funds to train teachers, students and young people.

    Thanks so much for your concernand hope to hear from you again.

    Best regards,

    Elongima Bundu
    ENO Country Coordinator
    Sierra Leone