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What Data Do Our Constituents Want to Count?

By Wayan Vota on July 27, 2017

Here is an interesting idea from Amanda Makulec that merits pondering:

Let’s ask users: “What do YOU want to count?” instead of just collecting data for our own purposes.

I know that’s a radical thought, that we’d count what our constituents want instead of focusing on our own needs and donor desires. I wonder if we even asked the question, what changes we’d be asked to make, and how much better our analysis could be?

Surely our response rate should increase, as respondents would actually care about the results we generate. Then again, this means we’d have to stop talking about getting data back to those we extract it from, and really deliver on the promise of authentic feedback systems.

  • Should we ask our constituents what they want to count?
  • Could we really live with the radical result?
  • Might it be our responsibility to try?

At the least, you can start the process now by registering to attend MERL Tech DC 2017 and explore what it means to  design surveys for our constituents, not just with them.

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