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Apply Now! £300,000 for Technology Solutions to Humanitarian Challenges

By Wayan Vota on July 26, 2018

humanitiarian response mobile devices

Are you working on mobile technology solutions to support global humanitarian responses to these two challenging situations:

  • Complex Emergencies – a major humanitarian crisis that requires a multi-faceted, cross-sectoral, international response.
  • Forced Displacement – where people are forced from their home or country, often due to armed conflict or natural disaster.

Then apply now to the GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund, which has £300,000 for mobile technology solutions to development challenges. The Fund is especially interested in projects – implemented through collaborative partnerships – that can demonstrate long-term sustainability (i.e. commercial, technical, social, economic, environmental) beyond the lifespan of the grant.

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Grant Application Deadline: August 10, 2018

The GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund call for proposals is focused on 5 key themes within humanitarian contexts:

Mobile Enabled Utilities

We are seeking mobile-enabled solutions which aim to improve access to, or efficiency in the delivery of water and sanitation (WASH) and energy services for crisis-affected populations.

Gender & Inclusivity

We are seeking mobile enabled solutions which focus on reducing the gender gap in access to digital humanitarian services and enhance equality and accessibility of assistance for vulnerable segments of the population.

Mobile Financial Services

We are seeking mobile enabled solutions and partnerships that increase displaced populations access to mobile financial services, or which enhance the links between humanitarian cash transfers and longer-term financial inclusion for beneficiaries.

Digital Identity

We are seeking mobile enabled digital identity solutions which improve beneficiary registration and subsequent aid delivery, or provide secure digital identity profiles that can benefit refugees and force displaced persons.

Food Security, Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change

We are seeking mobile enabled solutions which address vulnerabilities to food insecurity & climatic change over time, and enhance long term livelihood adaptation strategies

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Grant Funding Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for a GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund grant, applicants must be able to:

  • Provide formal evidence of a partnership (e.g. contract/MoU) with one or more eligible organisation(s).
  • Clearly demonstrate how the proposed project meets one of the Fund’s five focus areas.
  • Have a minimum viable product or solution that is ready to scale
  • Have the necessary rights and permissions required to operate in the selected implementation area (i.e. refugee settlements).
  • Commit to providing the required match funding for the selected grant type.
  • Be in satisfactory financial health, have adequate financial systems and human resource capacity to implement the grant project.

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2 Comments to “Apply Now! £300,000 for Technology Solutions to Humanitarian Challenges”

  1. Looking forward to hear from you.

  2. Linda P says:

    Please fund more programmes that use mobile phone solutions to focus on reducing the digital gender gap in Malawi. Too many men have access to digital services, when women are experiencing humanitarian crisis. Our vulnerable populations need assistance to support themselves but I see patriarchal disbursement patterns in current relief funding.