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Apply Now: 1,500,000€ for Tech-Enabled Sustainable Urban Development

By Wayan Vota on September 28, 2020

In an increasingly urban world, where  70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, cities are on the front line of development challenges like the impacts of climate change, increasing human mobility, population growth, and growing social inequalities.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reaffirmed the need for sustainable and resilient urban development strategies worldwide.

This is particularly the case for African countries, where urban growth, combined with the transformation of the rural world, and rapid population growth are confronting cities with major socio-economic and environmental challenges.

Digital technologies can leverage the resilience of cities in many ways. They help:

  • Improve data collection and management of cities and urban infrastructure.
  • Contribute to increasing access to services and improving their efficiency.
  • Organise citizen participation and control in public life.
  • Promote opportunity for businesses and stimulate innovative companies.

Sustainable Urban Development Grant Funding

This Wehubit Call for Proposals will award 1,500,000 Euros of grant funding of up to 350,000€ per award to organizations that focus on digital tools for urban resilience, including:

  • Democratic participation and smart-citizens
  • Better use and management of urban utilities and infrastructure
  • Social cohesion initiatives of solidarity for the most vulnerable

Public bodies or non-profit organisations that want to scale up and replicate their digital solution to achieve the SDG “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable” should apply now. African urban areas represent tremendous opportunities for socio-economic development.

Apply Now: Deadline is October 22. 2020

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4 Comments to “Apply Now: 1,500,000€ for Tech-Enabled Sustainable Urban Development”

  1. Mesfin Leranso says:

    This kind of ICT funds make us to do more in advance for ICT related community problems .My interest is to identity the African based ICT problems specially in my country Ethiopia in the area of Agriculture, Healthcare and Education sectors.

  2. Explore beyond the marrow

  3. Abraham Bobson Turay says:

    This kind of ICT funds make us to do more in advance for ICT related community problems .My interest is to identity the African based ICT problems specially in my country Sierra Leone in the area of Agriculture, Healthcare and Education and Corruption sector

  4. Robert Afidra says:

    Hello I am in a processes of developing a system one stop center for civil society organisations in my country. Vision is to allow CSOs showcase, engage and amplify work with community, government and donor community. a well developed directory of all organisations in the country with respective target population. the objectives of the system include.
    1.social accountability (one dollar fund to equate to one dollar beneficiary
    2.Show services on the platform for others to bench mark
    3.Updated CSO directory
    4.Monitoring platform for donor community and government agencies
    5. reduced biefcase organisations

    I looking for funding to support my cause.
    email. afidrarobert@gmail.com
    tel: +256756918292