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Wezesha: Subsidized Laptops for 15,667 Kenyan University Students – Real ICT4Edu Investment

By Wayan Vota on December 1, 2010

kenya student laptops

The Kenya ICT Board and Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) are about to launch a bold experiment in getting the tools of ICT into the hands of tomorrow’s leaders in Kenya. They’re going to subsidize laptops for 15,667 university students through the Wezesha program.

Wezesha will provide 9,000 Kenya Shillings (KES) equivalent to USD 120 towards purchasing a laptop for university students.

There are two models of laptops sold by five pre-qualified retailers. The $120 subsidy will reduce the laptop price by 15% and 33%, depending on the laptop model. This is a fixed incentive – it will pay for only a portion of the laptop, regardless of the specifications and price.

The Wezesha project is open to all Kenyan university students in accredited University in Kenya (public and private) that expressed interest in Wezesha.

Here’s the process by which students can get their subsidized laptops:

  1. Wezesha portal – University student browses
  2. University student registers on the Wezesha portal
  3. University Coordinator verifies and approves University students registration online
  4. Student receives voucher via email
  5. Student logs on to the Wezesha portal and selects preferred laptop
  6. Information is displayed on preferred laptop. Price of laptop less voucher amount is displayed
  7. Students selects preferred laptop and inputs voucher information
  8. Retailer gets notification of intent of purchase of laptop.
  9. Student goes to buy preferred laptop from retailer
  10. Voucher and student information verified at point of sale by the retailer in the presence of the student
  11. Student provides voucher and balance to redeem laptop
  12. The student becomes the owner of a brand new laptop

Wezesha’s Impact on Kenya

What do you think 15 thousand laptop-enabled college students will do for Kenya’s higher education system? Or for the African Internet culture? No doubt it will have a big impact on future ICT usage in Kenya.

Immediately, I can see a huge boost in Facebook’s impact on Kenyan society in the midst of an intensified mobile data price war. I can also see these connected college students creating an explosion in Kenyan conversations online.

Last but not least, Wezesha is the 4th reason why Kenya has better Internet business opportunities than Nigeria.


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Wayan Vota co-founded ICTworks and is the Digital Health Director at IntraHealth International. He also co-founded Technology Salon, MERL Tech, ICTforAg, ICT4Djobs, ICT4Drinks, JadedAid, Kurante, OLPC News and a few other things. Opinions expressed here are his own and do not reflect the position of IntraHealth International or other ICTWorks sponsors.
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32 Comments to “Wezesha: Subsidized Laptops for 15,667 Kenyan University Students – Real ICT4Edu Investment”

  1. antony says:

    Hi am asking if u have registered to ‘wezesha’ as a student of a university will you be sent a vourcher or its not a must for to get one?

  2. Edwin Karanja says:

    I applied for the wezesha voucher on Thursday (13/01/2011) and up-to date i have not received approval from the university.I’m a student at Maseno University.Please Advice.

  3. john says:

    i don’t know; answer me’

  4. sarah says:

    Hi. I’ve just bought this laptop & for two about two weeks i cannot use my office because of this issue of activation. Maze, How do I activate my office. I tried the office help instructions in vain. Just get me thro’ this story of activation & activation Id’s, Im tired!


  5. Anonymous says:

    howdy, is it possible to buy a laptop with 2 vouchers….as in, u collaborate with a friend or sibling to get a high end one to be shared….

  6. Daniel says:

    Its two weeks now since i applied for a voucher and has never recieved it.is this wezesha fair?

  7. Anonymous says:

    This thing is nonsense. The administrators are biased. they give their favourites. mwanafunzi wa kawaida hana chake

  8. Anonymous says:

    op to get the voucher…am a student of mku university coast campus..

  9. Matunda Nyambu says:

    hello, is it a must that students from universities should apply only? Am a college student and i applied a month ago and no reply yet.

  10. benjamin mutinda says:

    re_ apply to get a laptop
    for i failed to get the amount but now im able

  11. MCDARIUS MBELA says:


  12. gladys says:

    Hi,am a student at Bondo university college,I applied for the voucher on 16th feb.2011,it’s now almolst two months and I have not received it yet,I received a confirmation upon registration and requested to wait,what could be the problem?please respond.Thanks in advance

  13. patrick muchiri says:

    I am a student at kimathi university college of technology.Is the process of assisting university student in purchasing laptops over? I registered on 9/02/2011 but i have not received voucher number.

  14. I am one of the beneficiaries of this scheme and i must say having a laptop has changed my life literally. Hope they continue for a long time to come and help future generations.

  15. I am a student, am undertaking an Undergraduate course in Electronics and Computer engineering. One of the most common challenges you face in Kenya Public universities is the sheer lack of capacity. This also affects access to computers. Available computers in the libraries and computer rooms are just not enough or anywhere near enough.

    Among the biggest problems i had was when we were to write a report. I had to queue at the school library, Research on the report in the allocated one hour maximum allocated time per person. And still utilize the PC for word processing. It was crazy and impractical. Many at the times i had to compromise on research just to meet deadlines.

    Now things are far much better, i can research anytime as the laptop came with a free USB Internet dongle. Also i have the new opportunity to explore it a totally new world. A life changer for sure.
    Thank you everyone who conceived and pushed this project to fruition!!

  16. Simon O. Omollo says:

    Am Omollo Simon Onyango of Maseno university.I applied 4 a voucher weeks ago but I haven’t gotten any feeback.plz assist on way foward!

  17. Anonymous says:

    f u wezesha

  18. Anonymous says:

    i like your offers

  19. Anonymous says:

    It has been two months now but have not yet gotten my voucher.What might have happened since my efforts to get the voucher has proven futile. Can you please give me the way forward i really need a laptop.

  20. NGERESO says:

    am in need of a voucher.the first time i had no money can i re-apply am in need of a laptop.i have cash but i lack voucher.please help

  21. limo says:

    if you want a laptop that costs more than 9000 what do you have to do?

  22. Anonymous says:

    is there a deadline for voucher application.is the offer stil on for KU students?

  23. Anonymous says:

    is there a deadline for voucher application.is the offer stil on for KU students?

  24. Anonymous says:

    is there a deadline for voucher application.is the offer stil on for KU students?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hi Admin,

    Just a thought about the Wezesha Laptop offers….I think this offer should also be extended to recognized colleges so that the college students can also get an opportunity to own this facility as ICT industry is rapidly growing.


    i am a student kisii university college requsting for a laptop


    hae am a student at Kenyatta university ad r laptop but the page on wezesha registration has a problem.

  28. evans says:

    tell me how to register am a kenyatta university student

  29. Andrew says:

    A student at jkuat i need a laptop what are my chances? kindly respond

  30. brian says:

    Is it not unfair to limit the no of laptops u give out cz i nid 1.

  31. erick says:

    what is the right time to apply for wezesha for to benefit from it pliz advive

  32. samwel says:

    Hello, am a Kenyatta university student inquiring whether the offer is still on or it ended in 2011.I have developed interest in buying a laptop to enable me do the academic research with ease.