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Apply Now: $120,000 Internet Strengthening Grants in Latin America and Caribbean

By Wayan Vota on May 8, 2023

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The Internet is permanently under construction. Ensuring its stability and security is essential to strengthen user trust and foster Internet growth in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 2021, LAC had around 533.17 million internet users, ranking fourth among regions worldwide. The internet usage rate in LAC was 70.5 percent in 20202, with Bermuda having the highest of 98 percent and Haiti having the lowest of 19 percent. However, less than 50% of LAC’s population has fixed broadband connectivity.

Internet Strengthening in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Fund for Internet Strengthening in Latin America and the Caribbean supports projects, initiatives or solutions that contribute to the consolidation of a global, open, stable, and secure Internet. Two support formats are available:

  • Grants: financial support up to US$30,000 for any project that uses open-source software and/or open-source hardware.
  • Awards: recognition from LACNIC and US$10,000 in financial support.

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For 2013, there are three categories that will give out both grants and awards to organizations that are based in and conduct their activities in the LACNIC service region across Latin America and the Caribbean:

  • Internet Stability and Security: Network Architecture and Operation, Traffic Engineering and Interconnection, Cryptography, Security and Resilience, Future Development of the Internet, and a subcategory on  Use and Application of Blockchain Technology for Internet Stability.
  • Internet Access and Connectivity: Projects, initiatives to promote connectivity, quality of access, and the strengthening of regional Internet service providers. The category focuses on three themes.
  • Open and Free Internet: Projects, initiatives, or solutions that address current challenges faced by Latin America and the Caribbean in relation to the Internet and human rights, as well as digital inclusion at the regional level, rights in the digital environment, such as the right to information, freedom of expression and privacy.

Fund for Internet Strengthening in Latin America and the Caribbean is organized by FRIDA, a program by the Internet Addresses Registry for Latin America (LACNIC) that supports Latin American and Caribbean projects, initiatives, and solutions that contribute to the consolidation of a global, open, stable, and secure Internet.

Apply Now! Deadline is May 31

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