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Apply Now! $2 Million for Smallholder Farmer AgriTech Solutions

By Wayan Vota on November 29, 2021

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Agriculture is by far the most important economic activity in Africa, employing about two-thirds of the continent’s working population. Yet agricultural productivity growth in Africa is about half that seen in other developing economies. Only 3 percent of smallholder farmers are actively using any form of digital agriculture service.

Agricultural technology is essential for growth. AgriTech can allow for tremendous progress in crop yields, farm productivity, plant and animal health, sustainability, waste reduction, and scalability.

The transformative power of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies—such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics, cloud computing, and Internet of Things—could transform Africa into a global powerhouse.

$2 Million AgriTech Solutions Contest

The Milken-Motsepe Prize in AgriTech addresses the problems faced by farmers on small to medium-sized farms in Africa, and accelerate progress toward the first two SDGs: eradicating poverty and eliminating hunger.

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Many small and medium-sized farms in Africa face two large challenges to realizing the full economic value of the crops they plant.

  • They suffer from low agricultural productivity as compared to larger firms,
  • They face significant post-harvest crop loss on their way to market.

Winning teams must provide increased net economic value to the farmer by any combination of improved yield, reduced loss, and decreased costs.

The winning team will receive $1 million USD and start a 12-week experiential learning program powered by the Stanford Center for Professional Development Idea to Market entrepreneurship curriculum. There is an additional $1 million USD in prizes for other participants.

Apply Now! Deadline is December 8, 2021

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16 Comments to “Apply Now! $2 Million for Smallholder Farmer AgriTech Solutions”

  1. Ibrahim Alabi Alausa says:

    I have been receiving this type of message please contact me if this program is real and genuine.

  2. Adeshina Johnson ogunshe says:

    Am into cucumber farm

    • John says:

      I represent a group of rural small holder farmers who want to fight climate change by introducing drip irrigation to promote their production efforts which hitherto has been relying on rain-fed agriculture, which rain is becoming scarce and unreliable

  3. Hine Frederick says:

    I am small farmer in Limpopo , I am specializing with sweet potatoes. Looking forward for new skills in Agricultural sector. Please contact me .

  4. Josam Africa Limited we are Kenya Company in Agriculture Mechanization services Project. We would like to apply for the Fund to support Farmers on Agricultural ICT Technology. We have our over 85,000 Farmers on our Data Record.
    We hereby apply for the Funding.

    • Alvaro Gutierrez says:

      David, we can talk about a project for Agro-ICT that we can apply in Kenya. You can call me on +254721491398 and we can talk about.

  5. Adetunji Sodiq says:

    Am involved in annual crops like groundnut,sweet corn etc,so please how do l get this grant

  6. Fani says:

    I want to get help from you around $2 million

  7. Joshua says:

    I juz need water supply line using solar am close to the lake thus 400m ..juz need fund to do it or if you can do it for me I pay back with interest

  8. Kalu chima chukwu says:

    I am interested in this type of program if it is real , please help me let me also benefit from this program thanks.

  9. Samuel Kimutai Mettet says:

    We are a group of upto 5000 small scale Tea farmers who also keep few dairy animals for domestic consumption mainly.Any support to improve this kind of farming in terms of merchandize and better animal dairy breed shall boost economically the group and the country as a whole.

  10. @Agripointglobal is into ICT4Ag and Data Analytics.

  11. Lower Shire Ambassadors is a local registered NGO in Malawi
    We work with vulnerable people like widows and orphans
    We support them with small irrigation scemes and food security we provivide them with water pumps ,seeds, fertilizer and insectdide. Wedo this for two years and our local farmers benefited by havesting alot of food and they reduce hange and poverty they manage to send their children to school when they sell part of their crops
    As an organisations we take care of these orphans by paying them School fees provide them with materials like books uniform balls and also we encourage them to have sports after school and during sports we discuss more about how to take care themselves
    HIV AIDS prevention
    COVID 19 prevantion
    About their future to be good citizens
    LSA get their funds through contributions from seven members of board of directors monthly and we manage to do this

    LSA don have a donor but we need to have a donor to assist us please come to us we will work with you donors perfect and accordingly
    Transparency and accountability . What we need is to save the life of these orphans and to reduce poverty in this catchment area now we have 200 members
    Mac donald Mvla


    Lower Shirw Ambassados is a local registered NGO in Malawi
    We want to apply for the Project of Food Security from ICT
    LSA has a project of Small irrigation sceme with lacal vurnerable people in a remote area near River Shire in Nsanje District .This river is the bigest and longest river in southern Africa and we want to use this river for irrigation
    We would like to support the farmers whi stay near the river bunk to have bumper haverst through irrigation
    ICT TECHINOLOGY PROJECT we need your support please

  13. Kalu chima chukwu says:

    I will like to join this wonderful organization if opportunity is giving to me am please with your vision. Also I will contribute my little effort to the growth of the organization .

  14. KALU CHMA CHUKWU for your respond can you please contact me in my email. For more diacusions if possiblw but am sure you will