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Seamlessly Transfer Data Between Google Earth and Radio Mobile

By Wayan Vota on December 28, 2009

It’s the classic dilemma: Google Earth has the fantastic interface you need to keep track of your GPS data, and high resolution imagery that lets you find the exact spot on the planet you’re looking for. Radio Mobile puts powerful tools of radio line of sight calculation at your fingertips, but its interface isn’t nearly as polished as Google Earth’s. Where do you put your data first?

Do both! Radio Mobile units can be imported and exported seamlessly as KML files. In Radio Mobile, look under “File -> Units Properties” and click the Export or Import buttons on the right side of the window to get started. (screenshot)

save_as_1.pngSaving Google Earth places to KML

Importing a KML file to Google Earth is as simple as choosing “File -> Open”. Exporting from Google Earth is almost as easy…just right click on the waypoint or folder full of waypoints and choose “Save Place As…”

When exporting, make sure you save your points as KML files (rather than the default compressed KMZ) otherwise Radio Mobile won’t know what to do with them.

Thanks to import/export, you can use Google Earth as a tool to download your waypoints directly from your GPS, organize them into folders, and then export them to Radio Mobile. This saves time and helps you avoid typing mistakes that could cause you real problems later.

After you’ve modeled your wireless network, take the time to export any new radio sites you’ve created back to Google Earth and into your GPS. This will make it easy to find your project sites and turn them from points on a map into antennas on the ground.

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