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How to Find a New ICT Job Online in Kenya, Nigeria, or Ghana

By Wayan Vota on January 5, 2010

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If you’re an expert in information and communication technologies in Kenya, Nigeria, or Ghana, and looking for a new job, where do you find employment opportunities?

I was wondering this as I read about Jobberman, which Techmasi says is a Nigerian job site with promise. Yet it only has 20 new jobs in the last 7 days, none of them in the ICT field.

So if you’re an telcom professional, where do you look for work? Do you really use the Internet? If so, which job boards work the best? Here is a few I’ve found, with my impressions of them. A motley lot for sure.


  • BrigherMonday: with 7 information technology jobs, its actually one of the better job boards
  • BestJobsKenya: is another good employment site with quality opportunities and direct emails to employers
  • White African Job Board: started as a response to the lack of tech-focused job boards, its the one job board I’ve used to hire a techie


  • Nariland: while not a employment site, specificlly, its the largest forum in Nigeria and its job section rocks
  • Jobberman: as I mentioned before, it has some jobs but few in the ICT field. I include it in hopes it will grow
  • NaijaHotJobs: is a forum filled with job opportunities mixed with IT support requests, get rich quick schemes, and other chaff
  • CareersNigeria: looks all swank, but the job selection is pretty thin – only 3 in the ICT field


  • BusinessGhana: is impressive – the most number of current jobs of any job site I found
  • And that’s it – Ghana seems to be lacking in the online job board front – or BusinessGhana owns the field

Does this selection mean that most people find employment through newspapers and personal connections, not online? If so, here is another African business opportunity for the right entrepreneur.

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7 Comments to “How to Find a New ICT Job Online in Kenya, Nigeria, or Ghana”

  1. Adam Preston says:

    Thanks for the great information. This is very valuable stuff that doesn’t seem to be readily accessible in other places. Thanks!!

  2. Ayodeji says:

    Hi Wayan,

    20 jobs in the last 7 days without any in the ICT. There are 3: http://www.jobberman.com/jobs/it/

    We are @ work…

    Thanks for the mention.


  3. Wayan Vota says:


    Ah, great progress. But I hope you also note my larger point – there can’t be only 3 ICT jobs in all of Nigeria. There is a huge job market that’s not being served online (yet). Congrats for trying to be part of the solution. How can we, as a community, help?

  4. Wayan Vota says:

    Seems the best place to look for an IT job in Africa may be company websites, like Google’s. Here we have Google Africa openings across the continent, mainly in sales roles.

  5. Mteja says:

    Also checkout another Job Board with vacancies in Kenya http://www.kenyajoblink.com

  6. Kabang says:

    These are great resources for job-seekers. Thanks a lot.

  7. Mike says:

    Great stuff. You can also visit http://kenyajobtube.blogspot.com for fresh jobs in Kenya