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Don’t Miss These Exciting Sessions! Register Now for GDDF 2020

By Wayan Vota on April 27, 2020


Please RSVP Now for the Global Digital Development Forum on May 6th, 2020.

Already over 2,500 of your peers have registered for this virtual ICT4D conference co-organized by USAID, Chemonics, Save the Children, TechChange, IntraHealth International, CRS and the ICT4D Conference, and the Digital Impact Alliance.

RSVP NowRegistration will close on April 30.
Advance registration is free and required

The Global Digital Development Forum will feature 18 hours of captivating content, including 6 keynotes, 46 lightning talks, 74 breakout sessions, and 45 technology demos from 4:00 GMT to 22:00 GMT.

Veuillez RSVP: Une piste francophone spéciale pendant les heures d’ouverture en Afrique de l’Ouest.

Our draft agenda is in continuous development as we confirm and expand on featured sessions across multiple time zones. RSVP now to engage with thought leaders during your work day, including:

  • 4:00 GMT: South Asia keynote on Why Even Vegetable Vendors Need Digital Wealth Management Tools from Sucharita Mukherjee, Co-founder, Kaleidofin
  • 6:00 GMT: East Africa keynote on Navigating the COVID-19 Socioeconomic Impact on Small Businesses by Jumanne Mtambalike, CEO and Co-Founder, Sahara Ventures
  • 9:00 GMT: West Africa keynote on the West African Health Informatics Team, A Regional Model for Sustaining HIS from Damola Olajide, West Africa Technical Lead, Regional Action Through Data, BroadReach
  • 13:00 GMT: Eastern Americas keynote on the USAID Digital Strategy, A Vision for Development in the Digital Age by Christopher Burns, Director, and Michelle Parker, Senior Policy Advisor, both at the Center for Digital Development, USAID
  • 16:00 GMT: Pacific Americas keynote on What Silicon Valley is Learning from Sierra Leone in COVID-19 Digital Response, by Clayton Sims, CTO, Dimagi
  • 19:00 GMT: Silicon Valley keynote on Accessible and Inclusive Development by Betsy Beaumon, CEO at Benetech

Our breakout sessions span a wide range of ideas and viewpoints across the international development and humanitarian relief sectors, including:

  • Digital Health
  • Education Technology
  • Agriculture Technology
  • Economic Growth
  • Democracy & Governance
  • Humanitarian Response
  • Responsible Data

Of course, COVID-19 Digital Response cuts across many sessions, featuring learning from past interventions with SARS/MARS, Ebola, HIV, and other viral infection epidemics. Each session will also include underlying concepts like data privacy and security, constituent protection and safeguarding, inclusion, the role of gender, and how to monitor and evaluate success.

RSVP Now! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to share your experiences, learn from others, and advance our collective ability to effect change, using technology in every country.

rsvp now for forum

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