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Apply Now: $300,000 for Your Open Source Internet Freedom Initiatives

By Wayan Vota on August 23, 2021

Internet Access Funding

In the COVID-19 era, connectivity is a necessity. Virtually all human activities – business, education, healthcare, politics, socializing – have moved online. Yet the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating a dramatic decline in global internet freedom.

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State and nonstate actors in many countries are now exploiting opportunities created by the pandemic to shape online narratives, censor critical speech, and build new technological systems of social control.

$300,000 for Internet Freedom Initiatives

The Internet Freedom Fund supports projects advancing Internet freedom for users in repressive environments. Funding is for creating or promoting tools that allow users – including journalists, human rights defenders, activists, and regular people – to circumvent Internet censorship, communicate safely, and access information that is blocked.

Projects can apply for up to $300,000, with most supported efforts receiving between $50,000 and $200,000, and no less than $10,000 for a year long contract to fund:

  • Creating new open source circumvention and internet freedom technologies
  • Improving the security, usability, and adaptability of existing technologies;
  • Providing deeper insights into front-line community challenges
  • Research on real-time monitoring of network interference and shutdowns;
  • New content redistribution methods for use behind firewalls
  • Making targeted communities more resilient to digital attacks

The Internet Freedom Fund gives preference to organizations and individuals without a history of prior support, and who bring with them a deep understanding of the censorship, surveillance, and security issues affecting communities from the Global South living in repressive environments.

Apply Now! Deadline is September 1, 2021

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4 Comments to “Apply Now: $300,000 for Your Open Source Internet Freedom Initiatives”

  1. Jimoh Toheeb says:

    Kindly help because we have ideas and talents of making the youth grow well and be independent in all. All what we need is just capital

  2. Daniel Ngeno says:

    I am a long-time subscriber of ICTWorks to support funding to various activities. I wonder why I never got through to the success level. How does one go about to apply for funding support?

    • Wayan Vota says:

      Daniel, you need to apply directly to the donor, following their rules. ICTworks only shares the opportunity – we have no control over submissions or success.

  3. RADO SOMALIA says:

    Rehabilitation and development organization work for people with disabilities in Somalia