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Introducing the Inveneo Certified ICT Hand Tool Kit

By Wayan Vota on May 31, 2010

You are at a distant project site, installing an appropriate, rugged computer system for a rural school or community center. You’re about to run cable or connect a server and you find you need a specific hand tool. Maybe a LAN cable checker or a just good needle-nose pliers. Do you have one in your tool set?

Often, even we find we’re missing the right tool for the job. So we’ve developed the Inveneo Certified Toolkit to help. It’s a variety of appropriate wiring and computer hand tools bundled in attractive satchel to make it easy for you to install and maintain computer networks and systems.

Contents List

  1. SE 33 pc. Security Bit Set
  2. Stanley 42-294 8-Inch Torpedo Level
  3. Stanley 33-231 3-Meter x 1/2-Inch Heavy Duty Powerlock Tape Rule With Metal Case
  4. Paladin Tools 1574 LAN Cable Check for Testing UTP and Phone Patch Cables and Installed Cable
  5. Paladin Tools 1556 All-in-One Crimper for WE/SS-Style Data & Phone Cable
  6. Greenlee PDMM-20 Pocket Multimeter
  7. SE Clip Test Lead Set (10 Piece)
  8. IRWIN 4-1/2-Inch Flush Diagonal w/Spring 2078925
  9. Paladin 1117 GripP 10 Stripper, 22-10AWG
  10. Stanley 6-Inch Slip Joint Pliers
  11. Stanley 6-Inch Long Nose Pliers
  12. Gear Wrench 9111 11mm Combination Ratcheting Wrench
  13. Crescent AT18CV 8-Inch Adjustable Wrench Cushion Grip, Black Phosphate Finish
  14. KR Tools 12609 Autoloader 6-in-1 Auto-Loading Classic and Precision Screwdriver Set
  15. Arsenal 5870 Tool Roll-Up

This kit is available to all our Inveneo Certified ICT Partners and to the general public through them.

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Wayan Vota co-founded ICTworks. He also co-founded Technology Salon, MERL Tech, ICTforAg, ICT4Djobs, ICT4Drinks, JadedAid, Kurante, OLPC News and a few other things. Opinions expressed here are his own and do not reflect the position of his employer, any of its entities, or any ICTWorks sponsor.
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4 Comments to “Introducing the Inveneo Certified ICT Hand Tool Kit”

  1. andris says:

    I really enjoyed developing this toolkit, and it’s saved me tons of time in the field already. We’d love to hear if you have any suggestions of items you think we’ve left out.

  2. Jon Camfield says:

    This looks amazing! I made a much lower-tech personal version many years ago. I also always carried around:

    1 ~3′ crossover cable or crossover adapter (no faster way to test networking!)
    1 multi-head cable tool (the kind with a core USB retractable cable and a pouch of other cable-heads to turn it into a phone, network, mini/micro/device USB, firewire, etc. — easy way to carry around “the right cable for the job” when you’re not sure what today’s job might be)

    My favorite toolkit items were more around the software end of the spectrum, though:

    1 bootable USB stick with DamnSmallLinux and a PortableApps Suite
    1 bootable floppy with WinXP/NT admin password reset tool
    1 BartPE bootable XP CD with anti-virus and diagnostic tools
    1 Knoppix or other Linux LiveCD that will work on a wide range of hardware and let you extract files from the HDD
    1 CD and USB stick of common free/shareware/OSS software tools – anti-virus, various anti-mal/spy-ware, registry cleaners, zip/archive software, OpenOffice, PDF creation tools, and so on.

    That last CD eventually grew into its own sideproject when I was working the the Min. of Education in Jamaica — you can see (the now 6-years-out-of-date) webified version at http://joncamfield.com/oss/schooltools/ . It would autorun a local copy of that webpage, and link to recent versions of the software (the web version simply links to the software’s homepage)

  3. Wayan Vota says:


    How could we help you recreate and publicize an updated software tool set? Especially something that could be put on a USB flash drive for easy portability & usage.

  4. Joseph Jerry says:

    I’m glad to hear that add.
    But how can i get these tools while im in haiti? And how much will that cost ?