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Apply Now: £500,000 for Infectious Disease Open Source Data Models

By Wayan Vota on March 14, 2022

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Climate change has and will continue to have a profound impact on escalating infectious diseases. Warming temperatures are making new environments more suitable for disease-carrying vectors, such as mosquitoes, creating new dengue, zika, and chikungunya risks for 1 billion people by 2080.

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We need to invest in resilient healthcare systems around the world today so they are ready for this radically shifting landscape. We must start with digital health tools for climate-sensitive infectious diseases (CSID) research. Software tools do exist for modeling the relationship between climate and infectious diseases. However, there are major gaps in data modelling that can help us accurately and efficiently understand downstream impact of national and international policy.

Grant Funding for CSID Data Modeling Software

The Digital Technology Development Awards from the Wellcome Trust will support software developers to develop digital tools that will improve climate-sensitive infectious disease data modeling. Welcome Trust wants open-source digital technology that will increase the impact of CSID research.

Wellcome Trust will invest £500,000 for research expenses, including salaries, that combines infectious diseases data with climate data, such as data quality, spatial and temporal scales, and lack of representation. They seek teams with:

  • A background or experience of working with infectious diseases or the impacts of climate change on human health
  • An idea for novel digital technology to improve modelling of both infectious diseases and climate change

They want to support work that addresses under-invested modes of transmission (respiratory, foodborne, waterborne, and soilborne diseases), neglected tropical diseases, and modelling that moves from pathogen-specific work to tools with multi-hazard relevance. They recognize a need for foundational methodological work and a collaborative community of practice around the solutions.

Apply Now! Deadline is March 31, 2022

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