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ICTWorks Video Interview: Oluniyi David Ajao of Web4Africa on Website Hosting in Africa

By Tsega Belachew on April 11, 2011

As the Information and Communications Technology sector booms in Africa, it is interesting to see the progress of organizations that got started at the inception of the boom. Web4Africa.net is one such organization based out of Ghana. About 8 years ago, before websites and the internet took off as key venues for information for a majority of the population, Oluniyi saw the challenges faced in trying to create websites based out of Ghana and Nigeria.

ICTWorks Interview with Web4Africa’s Oluniyi Ajao from Tse on Vimeo

As he details in the video, to get a website hosted, you had to either have a friend in the West, have traveled to a country in the west or some other such means to be able to pay for web-hosting as there were no Africa-based web-hosting and domain name registration companies. Web4Africa is one of the first web hosting and domain name registration services started in Ghana.

During my trip to Ghana, I was able to sit down with him in ‘downtown’ Accra in Osu. We talked about his take on the role of Information and Communication Technology in Africa and development, the website business in Ghana and Nigeria, smartphones, mobile-compatible websites, doing business in Ghana and more.


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3 Comments to “ICTWorks Video Interview: Oluniyi David Ajao of Web4Africa on Website Hosting in Africa”

  1. Yared says:

    Hi Our company working in ICT.Our team isvery skill full for IT profession.Our company name is Global Exchange ICT and Communication Enterprize.

  2. I think just like the industrial revolution changed the economic fortunes of the west, so will ICT do for the fortunes of Africa. By bringing its people together and increasing collaboration among the people of Africa. Truly a revolution.

  3. Tsega Belachew says:

    Can’t agree with you more Duncan! It will be exciting to see what is to come for Africa.