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Apply Now: $270,000 IBM Funding for COVID-19 Digital Response

By Wayan Vota on April 13, 2020

covid19 call for code

The global coronavirus pandemic has radically changed the world in less than a month. We are all facing unprecedented, interconnected challenges and scrambling to adapt.

Open Source technology solutions can help create a global COVID-19 Digital Response that reduces further disruptive impact from this pandemic. Now is the time to unite and act swiftly.

Call for Code COVID-19 Global Challenge

The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge asks developers, data scientists, and problem solvers to join IBM, UNHCR, and the Linux Foundation to build open source technology solutions using software built on Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud, IBM Watson, IBM Blockchain, and data from The Weather Company.

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IBM is offering $270,000 in cash prizes and direct IBM developer support to build, fortify, test, and deploy the winning ideas through IBM Code and Response. Submissions should address three main COVID-19 areas: crisis communications, remote learning, community cooperation.

1. Crisis Communications Problem

In times of crisis, communications systems are one of the first systems to become overwhelmed. Providing crisis communications digitally has a major role to play to inform on disease prevention techniques, potential infection symptoms, or local updates on quarantines. This can be done with chatbots and other resources via text, websites, or communication apps like WhatsApp to free up customer service resources to focus on higher-level issues.

2. Remote Learning Problems

82% of the world’s learners are no longer in traditional schooling or education programs. UNESCO is recommending online learning and education technology to to reach learners remotely. It is important to keep learners engaged, entertained, and on top of their education. Technology has a pivotal role to play, whether that’s creating ad hoc classrooms, or helping parents quickly adapt to homeschooling. Here are 10 edutech solutions for COVID-19 digital response to inspire you.

3. Community Coordination Problems

Local communities must stand united, operate efficiently and be there for its constituents more than ever before, which at the same time keeping physically separate from each other. Communities need to understand weather, food, and medical supply information at the neighborhood level, and how community members can help others, or how others can help them to better deal with this crisis.

Apply Now! Deadline is July 31, 2020

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  1. Adhinda Ikaputri says:

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