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Apply Now: $15,000 Grants for Your EduTech Nonprofit Initiative

By Wayan Vota on May 23, 2022

What is ICT4Edu?

Many nonprofit ICT4Edu organizations in developing countries need training, technology, and funding to successfully integrate blended learning programs or move to fully-online instruction. Teacher training, classroom pedagogy, and even textbook curriculum has to change to support new approaches to how learners learn learning.

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$15,000 Grants and Free EduTech Consulting

Team4Tech will invest a technology matching grant of up to $15,000, pro bono training and support from education and technology experts in strategic nonprofit ICT4Edu partners who are focused on education, entrepreneurship, or workforce development, and have a vision for how technology can help them amplify their impact.

Interested edutech nonprofits can join information sessions:

Since 2013, Team4Tech has helped more than 50 education nonprofits in 20 countries increase the number of youth and adults who are empowered with relevant skills for employment, decent jobs, and entrepreneurship.

Apply Now: Deadline is June 15, 2022

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5 Comments to “Apply Now: $15,000 Grants for Your EduTech Nonprofit Initiative”

  1. PHILIP NZUMA says:

    We’re community based school and nonprofit improving lives of orphans, street children, youth widows and homeless families. We prioritise education and shelter to the above mentioned, we provide quality education to all children both primary and kindergartens. We assist youth to develop their talents in different areas like football and basketball while others join colleges and courses at their own choices. We build and renovated houses for the disadvantaged and homeless within our community and beyond. We work very closely with community for we cannot make it by ourselves, we intend to extend our support to wide population of people by starting small-scale agriculture farming for domestic consumption and for commercial use to generate income for elderly aren’t getting enough support they need. We intend to create a permanent solution which will last beyond our lives time for the above mentioned come from poor background which was caused by illiteracy and poverty, and the have been suffering for many years. We all most $ 150 000 to assist the above mentioned. Your support will improve and change many lives in our community.

  2. Seydou Ango Issa says:

    I need to have a formation of ICT technology

  3. Leshinka says:

    This is a very noble idea that will help needy children in the community to realize their dreams, perhaps those from remote areas and orphans children.

  4. Leshinka says:

    When this dream is achieved,the marginalized and less privileged families will prosper.therefore am appealing to willing volunteers to intervene this situation.

  5. Amidu Bangura says:

    Mid set