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Get Your Degree in M&E Tech with TechChange

By Guest Writer on August 19, 2015


Over the past five years of running more than 100 online courses, TechChange alumni and partner organizations alike have asked us to go beyond the four-week course model and add more services, activities, and interactions. We’ve been listening and are excited to address these needs.

M&E Tech Diploma Program

This fall, we’re very excited to be launching our new diploma program in Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation. The diploma program will offer a variety of activities, features, and support services that allow participants to take three of our most popular online certificate courses consecutively:

We’ll have two different tracks—one for working professionals (launching September 2015) and one for prospective graduate students (launching in January 2016). Both tracks will include access to in-person workshops, weekly office hours, a library of interactive on-demand courses, access to our annual conference, and more.

The alternative graduate school track will also include a capstone project, portfolio development support, one-on-one mentorship, live simulations, and a strong job placement component with organizations doing innovative work in the social sector. While it’s designed to be taken over a period of 16 weeks, it can be spread out over the course of a year to provide maximum flexibility.

What can folks expect to learn in the diploma program?

Now more than ever, social sector organizations are desperate to hire people who can help them figure out how to quantify, qualify and demonstrate impact with new technologies. That’s why we’re starting with the topic technology for monitoring and evaluation – it tackles that very need.

The idea is to build practical skills that make our students indispensable today to any organization. They’ll learn to design relevant and robust surveys, set-up and manage powerful dashboards, visualize data with tools like Tableau, author SMS campaigns with RapidPro, do things in Excel they never thought possible, and so much more.

They’ll also meet so many fantastic experts and their peers through the program. With an engaging online learning platform, they will create an indispensable network of colleagues and industry influencers from all over the world and learn from their experience as well as their best practices in M&E. Our participants in the past have even taken the online experience offline through in-person meetups, like this one in Zambia. In our model, the networks are as valuable as the skills!

Learn more today!

Download the diploma program catalog, then check out the website to enroll. You can also set up an appointment with an advisor to figure out which track is best for you.

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