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Apply Now: $100,000 for Digital Identification Systems from World Bank

By Wayan Vota on January 9, 2019

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In an increasingly digital age, the lack of verifiable identification often results in exclusion from economic opportunities and a variety of social and political rights. Yet one billion people are still unable to prove their identity, and millions more have forms of identification that cannot be reliably verified or authenticated.

In response, the World Bank Group developed the Principles on Identification for Sustainable Development and mobilized $1 billion USD to realize the transformational potential of digital identification and civil registration by providing technical assistance and financing to more than 40 countries.

ID4D Digital Identification Challenge

The World Bank’s Identification for Development (ID4D) initiative has launched a Challenge Fund to answer a simple question:

How can digital identification systems in developing countries be better designed or adapted to protect people’s privacy and empower them with greater control over their personal data?

ID4D seeks creative ideas and innovative solutions to promote “privacy by design” and provide people with greater control over their personal data through digital identity systems. Such ideas and solutions should be practical, cost effective and be relevant for developing country contexts in which some segments of the population may have low literacy and numeracy levels, as well as limited digital literacy.

The Challenge offers US$100,000 in cash prizes, with the top prize of US$50,000 for the most promising solutions that are practical and relevant for developing countries

Apply Now! They are looking for creative ideas, components, the innovative use of existing technologies or complete solutions from academics, entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, and engaged citizens to be submitted by February 24, 2019.

Who Can Apply for Digital Identification Awards?

The World Bank is looking for innovations large or small who have human-centered design solutions that leverage new or emerging technology solutions that enhance digital identification systems.

ID4D considers solutions at all stages of development:

  • Idea: A plan or concept by an individual or organization.
  • Prototype: An individual or organization building and testing a product, service, or model.
  • Pilot: An individual or organization deploying a tested product, service, or model in at least one location.
  • Growth: An individual or organization with an established product, service or model rolled out, which is poised for further growth in multiple locations.
  • Scale: An individual or organization working in several locations and that is looking to scale significantly, focusing on increased efficiency.

Through open innovation, ID4D is looking for a diverse portfolio of solutions across geography, stage of development, and team members’ gender and background.

Digital Identification Solution Evaluation Criteria

In the first round, a Selection Committee composed of international experts, staff members of the World Bank Group, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Omidyar Network and the Australian Government will screen applications using the following criteria:

  • Alignment: The solution addresses the challenge that has been set forth.
  • Context Appropriateness: The solution takes into account the context of developing countries, including low to no connectivity in some areas and little formal technical training among individuals, as well as low literacy and numeracy levels.
  • Scalability and Ease of Use: The solution can easily be scaled to affect the lives of millions of people.
  • Feasibility: It is feasible to implement the solution, and the team has a plan for the solution to sustain itself after implementation.
  • Innovative Approach: This is a new technology, a new application of a technology, or a new process for solving the challenge.

In the second round, selected finalists will pitch before the challenge judges and a live audience during a pitch event in April. The judges will determine which solutions are the most promising. Those selected will receive prizes and support from ID4D.

Apply Now! Application Deadline is February 24, 2019

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  1. Charles says:

    Digital identification of all clients will make our work much easier and accurate. Large and complex information of clients are better managed with digital identification system

  2. Yamin Khalid says:

    This is an interesting offer and a challenge. However, more detailed information, description and guidelines need to be provided to comprehend the objectives of this project.