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Watch Now: Six Digital Health Global Goods Explained

By Tech Change on July 28, 2022

We are excited to share a new series of videos on digital health global goods that TechChange has developed in partnership with USAID, PATH/Digital Square.

Each video in the series provides a detailed explanation on a specific digital health global good. The videos serve to promote the benefits of using global goods software to a digital health stakeholder audience. The playlist includes:

  • OpenLMIS (English & French)
  • OpenMRS (English & French)
  • OpenIMIS
  • DHIS2
  • CommCare
  • Community Health Toolkit (in French)

These videos use a common set of concepts and visual vocabulary that allows viewers to understand each global good independently and the potential for how they can fit together. Their main purpose is to serve as instructional material, providing specific examples of different global goods softwares for participants who partake in a virtual course, Digital Health: Planning National Systems.

We hope these videos are useful resources for the community as you approach training and capacity building challenges. Please feel free to use it widely in your work, courses, and projects. Just attribute or link to us.

Huge credit here to the Digital Health Global Good teams, Merrick Schaefer, Ariel Frankel, Alex Paone, Yohan Perera, Liang Cai and many others for the incredible amount of work that went into this.

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TechChange provides online professional development in technology and social change for implementers in public health, emergency response, and monitoring and evaluation. TechChange connects them with relevant content, experts, and certification using their facilitated learning platform.
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