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Help WHO Define Digital Client Records for Health Information Systems

By Wayan Vota on August 12, 2019

Digital Client Records for Health Information Systems

A digital client record is a persistent record of an encounter at the point of care or service delivery between a health service provider and individuals (clients, patients) that is recorded in a digital format.

The digital client record can be directly entered by the provider, or captured after first being recorded on paper. It will include all the information required for detailing health status and provided health interventions, and data necessary for assembling a programme register.

Digital client records’ primary, target end-users are health service providers operating at the primary care level, including nurses, midwives, primary care physicians, and community health workers. However, digital client records can also be used by any cadre of health service providers, including those operating at secondary and tertiary health facilities.

Help WHO Define Digital Client Records

In early 2019, the World Health Organization convened a technical working group on Digital Client Records for Service Delivery and accountability to gain consensus on their definition, minimum requirements, variable capabilities and goals across health programme areas.

However, in the meeting, participants identified a diversity of terms that had variable meanings and reflected a state of ambiguity in the broader community. The group then concluded that it is better to focus on what the core/minimum functionality of a Digital Client Record comprises of, in addition to ensuring consistency of allied terms and definitions.

Please complete this survey now

The survey will help WHO gain consensus on the minimum functions comprising digital client records for service delivery and accountability. Participants at the 2019 WHO meeting identified the following attributes of digital client record systems, at a minimum, are:

  • Improving the quality of service delivery at the point of care;
  • Improving the continuity of preventive and curative person-centric care;
  • Reducing the burden of data entry, data aggregation, and indicator reporting for health service providers;
  • Increasing population coverage of health interventions through timely and accurate data availability and use by service providers and health systems managers; and
  • Increasing the level of accountability at all levels of the health system from the health provider to decision-makers including national-level ministry of health.

The purpose of this survey is to gain your input into the functional requirements you believe are necessary at a minimum in order for a digital client record to achieve the goals and principles outlined above. Please respond by August 31, 2019

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