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Apply Now: £250,000 for Climate Resilience and Adaptation Programmes

By Wayan Vota on December 13, 2021

We will soon witness the unavoidable effects of climate change over the next few decades even as the global community works to limit global warming. People around the world will see more frequent extreme weather events, displacements caused by droughts or food insecurity, lower agricultural yields, and daily loss of forests.

No one is immune to these impacts, yet communities in low- and middle-income countries will be the most affected and are the least prepared to adapt. Mobile and other digital technologies can help create a more resilient and sustainable future, where communities not only adapt to and survive climate shocks and stresses, but are also equipped with the tools and resources they need to thrive in spite of them.

GSMA Innovation Fund for Climate Resilience and Adaptation

GSMA Innovation Fund for Climate Resilience and Adaptation seeks to help accelerate the testing, adoption and scalability of digital innovations that enable the world’s most vulnerable populations to adapt to, anticipate and absorb the negative impacts of climate change. Selected organisations will be eligible to a full support package including

  • Grant funding between £100,000 and £250,000 GBP;
  • Tailored technical assistance in their efforts;
  • Relationships with mobile operators and public sector organisations;
  • Opportunities to increase visibility to potential investors and partners

The GSMA is looking for start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and social-impact organizations in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Latin America and Eastern Europe that leverage digital technology, particularly mobile, to deliver climate resilience and adaptation solutions to and with low-income and vulnerable populations.

Climate resilience and adaptation solutions are defined as those that help build individual, community or institutional capacities to:

  • Adapt to multiple, long-term and future climate change risks;
  • Anticipate and reduce the impact of climate variability and extremes through preparedness and planning; and/or
  • Absorb (i.e. face and manage) adverse conditions, emergencies or disasters.

Apply Now! Deadline is January 9, 2022

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4 Comments to “Apply Now: £250,000 for Climate Resilience and Adaptation Programmes”

  1. Ahsan Ahmed Shah says:

    I m ready to work


    The forecast is even far to the present situations in many Africa countries. Especially, in Nigeria today the level of poverty is unbearable. I need financial assistance, if all these grants are truely mean to erradicate poverty they should be mercifully distributed to individual in needs not to an organization or government of a country which are been always using such Grant to increase their wealth why the needy and masses suffer the more. Personal, I implore the organizer of this and the like to come to my help, Grant is needed for me to start a business so that I can make a better living. Thank

  3. Umma Baba Alhaji says:

    I am ready to work with you guys

  4. Olakunle Awoniyi says:

    My forest enterprises is set to achieve this climate resilience and adaptation program and ready to work hard with you guys if it could obtain adequate funding to establish more forest plantations in small under catered for communities to provide More Job opportunities to rural people and at the same time protecting the environment.