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The Bi-Weekly ICT4D Retrospective: Important Links for Oct 26 – Nov 9, 2010

By Ritse Erumi on November 9, 2010

Welcome to the ICTworks bi-weekly ICT4D Retrospective, where we condense the last two weeks of news into a succinct list of links for your perusal.

mHealth in DC: The 2010 mHealth Summit is finally here. Watch a couple clips from Day 1 and if you are not in the Washington DC area, you can participate via live stream. Twitter Hashtag: #mHS10

Children of the Cloud: If you’ve ever wondered about the prospects of cloud-computing in sub-Saharan Africa, check out this article by Michel Bézy, IBM’s Program Director for Cloud Computing Solutions.

Wrong and Wrong Again! Ken Banks opines on the challenges of assessing the impact of ICT4D projects, amongst other things.

Development Fad? Mobile phones seem to be finding success where other technologies have not. Jenny Aker of the Center for Global Development weighs in on the trend.

Dispelling the Hype: CITRIS will host a talk titled “Ten Myths of ICT for International Development” on Wednesday, November 10. If you are unable to join the live webcast, the organizers are planning to archive the video here.

Fill In The Blank: Bored? The ever-illustrious ICT4D Jester has the perfect game for you.

An ICT4D Paradigm Shift: Are you mainstreaming or sidestreaming? Richard Heeks presents a strong argument for sidestreaming ICTs in development programs. How will this shift affect your work?

Twenty-First Century Skills: Kobus van Wyk considers the role of ICTs in helping users develop 21st century skills. He also provides a technology primer of sorts for teachers looking to integrate technology within the classroom.

Mapping Digital Brain Drain: You might want to keep an eye on this proposed research study that seeks to find out whether “less developed nations with the most advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructures [are] at a greater risk of losing their best and brightest to the developed North due to the more efficient networking capabilities of new ICTs?” Interesting!

Get a Job in ICT4D
CTA (Wageningen, The Netherlands): IT Manager
Futures Group (Various): ICT Specialist (Gaborone, Botswana), IT Support Coordinator (Pretoria, South Africa)
infoDev (Nairobi, Kenya): Mobile Application Laboratory Manager
MobileActive (New York City, USA): Project Manager
UNDP (Kampala, Uganda): ICT Assistant

Finally…the ICT4D Spotlight of the Week: HealthUnBound (HUB) from the mHealth Alliance and the Health Metrics Network
The founders of HUB hope to make healthunbound.org “a meeting place and connector for those who care about transforming health systems to improve health outcomes in low and middle-income countries.”

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