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Apply Now: $745,000 for Artificial Intelligence Innovations

By Wayan Vota on October 5, 2020

artificial intellegence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential for profound economic impact on low-middle income countries. AI can drive game-changing improvements in positive societal benefit and international development overall. AI can also deepen systemic inequalities based on race, gender and socioeconomic status. 

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Here are two artificial Intelligence project funding opportunities for you to explore where AI and machine learning can accelerate positive social and economic advancement.

$116,000 Alibaba AI Challenge

The Alibaba Cloud Global AI Innovation Challenge is an open competition for global AI developers, researchers, startups and solution providers to make machine learning products based on the Alibaba Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) service.

Participants who develop solutions like these listed below can share in share $55,000 USD cash prizes and $61,000 cloud credits.

  • Healthcare and Caregiving
  • Online Education
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Pollution Prevention

The proposal submission process only requires that you develop an executive summary of your project, articulate its main value and innovation, show how you leverage machine learning for the project, and introduce your team. You also need to include a screen shot showing you are using PAI.

Apply Now! Deadline is October 16, 2020

$629,000 AI Governance Challenge

The AI Governance Challenge is open to solution networks of international, cross-sectoral experts who will support the deployment of beneficial artificial Intelligence through defined prototypes, practices, and tools in governing AI.

CIFAR and IDRC will provide $629,000 USD over three years of dedicated, flexible funding support for eligible research and development activities around responsible AI – tools and governance solutions to ensure ethical, transparent, and sustainable AI use. 

The Solution Network will include a team of at least six experts, with at least one member from the low-middle income setting where the solution is applied and at least one member from Canada.

Apply Now! Deadline is November 2, 2020

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