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Apply Now for $240,000 in Grants for African ICT4D Projects

By Wayan Vota on May 23, 2016

ICT4D grant funding

The Fund for Internet Research and Development (FIRE Africa) has over US$240,000 in grant funding to support projects that use ICT to develop innovative solutions to Africa’s unique education, access, information, infrastructure and communication needs. Deadline to Apply: 31 May 2016.

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There are three types of grants available for Africa’s entrepreneurs at universities, private sector organizations, and non-government organizations:

The Internet Society Africa Grants will provide two Grants of up to US$ 25,000 each for two projects that focus on:

  • Internet Security
  • Access provision

The FIRE Africa Grants will provide four grants of up to US$25,000 each for projects aligned with one of the following categories:

  • Technical Innovation
  • Community Development
  • Governance Enhancement
  • Education

The FIRE Africa Scale-Up Grants will provide three Grants of up to US$ 30,000 each for three existing projects to scale up activities in:

  • Technical Innovation
  • Community Development
  • Governance Enhancement
  • Education

FIRE Africa actively encourages Francophone, Lusophone, female-led projects, projects originating in post-conflict countries, and projects that support isolated communities. We also encourage projects that use technology to address the specific challenges faced by women and girls, disabled people or marginalised groups.

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24 Comments to “Apply Now for $240,000 in Grants for African ICT4D Projects”

  1. Pius Isaac Sedofia says:

    Please, what is the mode of Application

  2. IDSCOLLEGE says:

    We are a registered and licrnsed private sector college offering courses in ICT and Business to marginalised groups in the city of Nairobi eg Watchmen at subsidised fees (half the market rates) with a view to helping lmprove their education and employment prospects. We have already graduated 200 and many have been placed or got promoted. We need to upscale by attracting more of them.

  3. Esther Bisong says:

    i want the scholaship

  4. Joshuah says:

    am Joshuah frm central region, kenya i wnt grants for communiy project in our area to raise the community from puverty

  5. Wesley Marimo says:

    My full name is Wesley Marimo Founder and Project Director for Greeners Foundation Trust. We have a Software Development plan where we plan to develop an application we named the Green Software. The Software will save a purpose of diagnosing our environments on real time educating,informing and teaching on good Environmental Practices with the Green Theme in mind. The application will be accessed via mobile platforms displaying the Environments which can be viewed as like you are doing your own skype with teaching aids of poems,plays,songs by fine artists and school kids via schools extra curriculum activities of schools environmental clubs. We are found in Kambuzuma Surbub in Harare Zimbabwe

  6. New Technology Site South Sudan says:

    New technology Site (NTS) is a private technology company trying to use technology for community development and promoting DIY (do it your self) education system in South Sudan.

  7. Ruralnet Com Technologies is a private company collaborating with organisations in Europe to setup ICT tech centres in the rural villages in Kenya. we use ICT skills dissemination to change lives of the rural communities. We are interested in the funding.

  8. CDC is an Open culture nonprofit that works to realize change in the South Sudan Media, Education and Business ecosystems. We have been planting strategies to improve ICT infrastructure in the country thus this fund would widen our sphere of operation.

  9. JERRY DENOU says:

    We at byteAfrica wish to apply for your grant. How do we go about that. What are you requirements

  10. IDO for the Needy says:

    Indigent Development Organization is a non-profit organized group of South Sudanese elites who have a common goal of rehabilitating the various bereft factions of this great nation the Republic of South Sudan. the fund will be us for the Needy and capacity building.

  11. Emmanuel Edet says:

    Please I did no see anything about multimedia technology, where does it falls?

  12. Wesley Marimo says:

    You have interesting programs we are browsing your site from Harare in Zimbabawe and we have a Software development plan. The Software will serve to teach inform and educate on proper environment management with the Green theme in mind to counter climate change and global warming.

  13. Okeny Michael says:

    That’s a great work Fire Africa. People here at my home town Kitgum nothern Uhands really need this kind of inovation. And your support will be highly appreciated. For studed IT and wiling to help them.

  14. I will love this have this opportunity

  15. Paul Mugambi says:

    this is a great initiative for Africa ICT4D
    we in the ed-tech startups will make a go at the award

  16. Paul Mugambi says:

    As an African ed-tech startup that need to scale we stand to benefit from your great initiative

  17. Nelson Ocloo says:

    BorderIT Solution is a new ICT training center at a village In the Brong Ahafo Region Ghana and our aim is to also train the youth in the villages to also understand Technology and through that we can build a strong team of IT professionals. And we have about 300 students from various sectors, but what we are lacking is computer systems that we can use to teach this people if you can also help us in this direction thank you for your time

  18. Thanks for your support.Can small grass root organisations also apply for the grant?.

  19. Hi,
    How do you do? I have a start up company with a team of engineers from Germany here in sub Saharan Africa developing storage application systems for off grid commercial and educational institutions for a sustainable energy future. A cost benefit approach to Energy independence here in West Africa, precisely Ghana. Great technology, but need help with funding for projects and to grow the business.
    Energy Management Solutions
    Mr. Anthony Nartey
    [email protected]
    +233 57 047 6331

  20. We have a storage application system limited liability company with Germany expertise and need funding for projects here in Ghana to reduce our carbon footprint to the environment through renewable energy independence. Please help with funding or possible repayable loans. Thanks
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  21. We are a small group of tech minds providing practical hands-on training for both students and school leavers to equip them with practical technical skills. Chai Wet al Technology, a small organization of Nigerian graduates and students, builds the confidence required in our university graduates and students in the area of Electronics and Computer technology and we always look for solutions that could give a lift to the life of an average Nigerian. Currently we are working on a special vending machine that will promote the use of condoms in the universities and our communities to reduce the number of casualties, which has been on the rise, that result is unprotected sex.

  22. Our renewable energy company located here in Ghana as a subsidiary from Germany has a reliable and efficient storage application system for energy independence. Businesses and educational institutions will benefit tremendously without a power outage, load shedding situation, or the use of the national grid because of expensive tariffs, the need for constant power , fluctuations in the current thus damaging home appliances or a generator as a backup. It is a system that is guaranteed, tested, approved, reliable source of energy supply for the next 25 years with minimal preventive maintenance after the first 4 years of installation with full insurance coverage backing every part or equipment for the next 25 years. A new technology that is worthy of your investment.
    We all should be energy independent.. With absolutely no carbon footprint effect to the environment. Thanks

  23. Ayebare Emmanuel says:

    How do I apply for the grant.