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Apply for $20 Million USD in ICT4D Grants from SIDA

By Wayan Vota on October 1, 2012

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency is working on behalf of the Swedish parliament and government, with the mission to reduce poverty in the world. Through its work and in cooperation with others, SIDA contribute to implementing Sweden’s Policy for Global Development (PGU). SIDA has annoucned two calls for proposals that focus on the use of information and communication technology for development:


  1. ICT for empowerment of women and girls

    The specific objective of this call for proposals is to increase socio-economic equality between women and men by ensuring equal access to technology and equal opportunities for men, women, boys and girls to use ICT in an open society.

    Sida acts for equal access to technology and equal opportunities for men, women, boys and girls to use ICT in an open society. Engendering ICTs is not merely about greater use of ICTs by women and girls; it is about transforming the ICT system. Sida is looking to support both 1) direct interventions towards groups and/or individuals and 2) structural approaches that aim to change the ICT system to promote equal access and use for women, men, girls and boys.

  2. ICT for democracy and freedom of expression

    The specific objective of this call is to provide support to initiatives and activities in which the Internet and new technologies are used to strengthen actors who work for democratisation and freedom of expression, mainly in challenging and repressive environments.

    This means, for example, to adapt and strategically use ICTs to increase the scope for actors of change to create, disseminate and receive information and opinions. It also means providing these actors with the opportunity to work for pluralism and freedom of opinion, which can pave the way for democratic, transparent decision-making and changes in legislation, etc., that limits freedom of association, freedom of the press, access to Internet, the right to a fair trial including the right to defence, or otherwise restricts civil rights and liberties.

Both of these grants look quite appealing. But if you want either, be quick: the deadline for submission of applications is October 18, 2012.


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2 Comments to “Apply for $20 Million USD in ICT4D Grants from SIDA”

  1. Kennedy Ouko says:

    I am from Kenya and I would like to apply for the 20 USD

  2. Francis says:

    Hi ICT4D,
    The Grant plan is an excellent impetus to development of the marginalised. Kindly provide details of the eligibility criteria for the applicants. Very interested in impacting a change.