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Apply Now: $5 Million in Cash Grants for ICT4D Hardware Purchases

By Wayan Vota on January 18, 2017

Apply Now for Hardware Grant

Guess what kids, there is a Hardware Santa Claus! Nethope has just announced its 2017 Device Challenge – $5 million dollars in cash grants for technology hardware funding for your programs.

Apply by January 27th.

The Nethope 2017 Device Challenge will award $250,00 to $1 million cash grants to NGOs for the procurement, integration, training, administrative overhead/support and connectivity costs for devices to be used in new and existing field programs.

The devices can be phones, tablets laptops, or PCs and grantees will be expected to spend at least 60 percent of grant dollars on device purchases. Remaining funds not spent on devices, may be spent on direct program expenses such as deployment, program integration, training, support and communications costs.

Any NGO can apply by January 27th, not just Nethope members, and organizations targeting and working with the most vulnerable populations, such as women and girls, will be prioritized. Grant applications will be evaluated based primarily, but not exclusively, on the following criteria:

  • Estimated number of the target population to be served
  • Measurable social impact
  • Applicant’s organizational strength and stability
  • Strength of applicant’s programs
  • Matching resources or “co-investment”
  • Applications from organizations targeting and working with the most vulnerable populations, such as women and girls, will be prioritized.

What are you waiting for? Apply today!

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