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Please Join Us: 2019 OpenHIE Community Meeting in Ethiopia

By Wayan Vota on October 2, 2019

openhie digital health conference

Please join us at the 2019 OpenHIE Community Meeting on 4-8 November 2019, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This years’ theme is data for decision making. The global public health community is driving interoperability in a rapidly changing context, including calls for sustainable universal health coverage, shifting burdens of disease from communicable to non-communicable diseases, and accelerating HIV/AIDS epidemic control.

The meeting objective is to drive easier and safe data use in software products and interoperability workflows. This event is designed especially for:

  • Ministry of Health and ICT Leaders who want to learn more about health information exchange (HIE) and its related architectures and data standards or present their experiences with planning and implementing HIE architecture.
  • Experienced OpenHIE community members and ICT implementers who want to share their experiences, learn from others, and work on technical solutions collaboratively.
  • Developers of related health and healthcare application software who want to learn more about health information exchange standards and system interoperability and find out what the community can do for them.

OpenHIE Conference Components

The action-packed agenda will feature three different learning opportunities, all developed for government officials, implementers, and tech developers to gain each others’ shared experiences.

OpenHIE Academy

The OpenHIE Academy will take place on Monday, 4 November and seeks to provide participants with the essential history, concepts, and competencies to understand the role of OpenHIE as a health information exchange and how to utilize the architecture to enhance data for decision making at all levels of the health system.

OpenHIE Community Meeting

The Community Meeting on 5-7 November features several tracks, including pre-arranged sessions and several open “unconference” sessions where community members will propose presentations on topics relevant to their OpenHIE implementations. You can submit your ideas and vote for topics on the OpenHIE Wiki.

OpenHIE Hackonnect-athon

The Hackonnect-athon on Friday, 8 November is a technical space for software teams and architects to engage and get hands-on experience with OpenHIE workflows and give the community an opportunity to propose use cases for groups to work on.

Global Mission-Driven Community of Practice

Health information exchanges makes the sharing of health data across information systems possible. Like a universal translator, an HIE normalizes data and secures the transmission of health information throughout databases, between facilities, and across regions or countries.

The OpenHIE community is dedicated to improve the health of the underserved through open and collaborative, development and support of country driven, large scale health information exchange sharing architectures.

  • Enabling large scale health information interoperability
  • Offering freely available standards-based approaches and reference technologies
  • Supporting each other’s needs through peer technical assistance communities

The community is driven by requirements and needs of country stakeholders and sharing best practices identified by our community around the world. To learn more and share your interests or questions, get involved!

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3 Comments to “Please Join Us: 2019 OpenHIE Community Meeting in Ethiopia”

  1. Mark J says:

    As a supposed attempt to inform readers about an event, this article fails at the MOST BASIC function. The term HIE is used about ten times in the article, but not once is it defined. If you wish to perpetuate international development and technology as spaces where only the people who are “in” on the lingo can participate, then by all means continue to be negligent in the most basic of reporting craft.