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Apply Now: $400,000 to Study Social Media Impact on COVAX Uptake

By Wayan Vota on July 26, 2021

covid-19 infodemic

COVID-19 vaccines will play a critical role in returning our societies to some sense of pre-pandemic normalcy and ultimately ending this crisis. As vaccines become increasingly available in all countries, the public health priority will shift from addressing concerns around vaccine access and supply to better understanding the role of infodemics on the dynamics of vaccine demand, hesitancy, and confidence.

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With more and more communities relying on social media as a significant source of information related to COVID-19 vaccines and the scale of these digital and online platforms, it is vital that we better understand the role these platforms can play and effectively harness their capabilities to increase vaccination confidence and contribute to vaccine decision-making.

$400,000 Vaccine Confidence Grant Funding

The Vaccine Confidence Fund from the Alliance for Advancing Health Online will support targeted research on how best to use social media and online platforms to better understand and increase vaccination confidence and uptake.

The Vaccine Confidence Fund will award up to $400,000 for innovative projects that seek to

  • Provide improved understanding and/or guidance on how community, national, and global level influencers’ online behavior can increase vaccination confidence and uptake, especially among historically marginalized or excluded communities globally.
  • Test exciting, novel, and innovative approaches to leveraging social media that go beyond traditional fields of study to seek approaches from other disciplines that may be applicable to addressing the challenges of COVID-19 vaccine uptake.
  • Explore a deeper understanding of focus communities’ – i.e., historically marginalized or excluded communities globally – dynamics, specifically with regard to how online influences may fit into the broader context of offline behavior.

Applicants should present new and transformative approaches to addressing the immediate challenges of increasing vaccination confidence and uptake for COVID-19 as well as routine immunizations.

Apply Now! Deadline is August 6, 2021

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