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New WHO Toolkit: SCORE for Health Data Information Systems

By Wayan Vota on November 25, 2020

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Countries are faced with increasing demands for quality health data. Data of increasing scope and complexity are required for monitoring progress towards national and subnational priorities, global and regional health targets, and Sustainable Development Goal 3.

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The demand for real-time health data is especially apparent during the current pandemic.  Countries must be able to measure COVID-19 digital response to make progress.

SCORE for Health Data Technical Package

In response, the World Health Organization (WHO) developed the SCORE for Health Data Technical Package – a one-stop solution for countries to strengthen health information systems and build capacity for producing timely, reliable and actionable data.t

SCORE (Survey, Count, Optimize, Review, Enable) Increases multisectoral collaboration by bringing together – for the first time – a collection of the most effective interventions and resources for health systems strengthening from diverse experts and stakeholders. SCORE provides:

  • A common set of tools and standards to improve health information systems and reduce data fragmentation.
  • Resources for countries to prepare and respond to health emergencies such as COVID-19 and other public health threats.
  • A comprehensive resource to effectively measure and track progress against health related SDGs, including Universal Health Coverage and other national and sub-national health priorities and targets.
  • Tools and resources to enable governments to assess equity and equality in healthcare through disaggregated data.
  • Guidance for governments to prioritize health challenges, develop health policies, direct resources and measure the success of their investments.
  • Precise solutions to improve health information systems and addresses the entire data life cycle from collection to use and everything in-between.

SCORE Health Data Components

The SCORE for Health Data Technical Package includes guidance and tools available now, and further resources that will be released shortly:

  • Essential Interventions: an overview of health information systems. For each of the interventions, the document provides the underlying key elements, the indicators used to assess and monitor, and examples of actions to be taken.
  • Tools and Standards: a list of up-to-date resources for each intervention.
  • Assessment Instrument: A data collection instrument (and accompanying user guide) to assess a country’s health information system and identify gaps.
  • Global Status Report on Health Data Systems: Presents results of the global assessment using the SCORE assessment instrument, and regional status reports or profiles that focus on interventions particularly relevant to specific regions.
  • Regional Status Report and Assessment: Regional summary reports and profiles that focus on interventions particularly relevant to specific regions.
  • Country Assessments: PDFs showing country-specific results.

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