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The Master List of Blockchain Projects in International Development

By Guest Writer on January 17, 2018

blockchain international development

We’ve all heard enough hype about blockchain in everything from agriculture to government services. All the ideas swirling around make it hard to separate fact from fiction, which is needed if we really want to know how to use blockchain in international development.

The Canonical Blockchain List

Enter my team at Stanford University who are making the canonical list of how we can use blockchain technologies in international development, in everything from human rights to land tenure. We are in the beginning stages of our research, and are starting by putting together master list of initiatives and organizations using blockchain to promote social good.

Please add your blockchain ideas and projects to our list

We aim to catalogue and identify interesting, innovative applications of blockchain that are driving social good, to help support those who want to use blockchain in international development.

We’ll be using this list as a starting point for a research effort intended to sift through blockchain’s hype, understanding where blockchain has the most promise and has shown the most impact. We’ll also be focusing on understanding where blockchain doesn’t work, to keep us from recreating the pilotitis flat tire.

If You’ve Read This Far…

Even if you don’t have a blockchain idea or project to add right now, please let us know your interest in blockchain so we can include you in future announcements and events.

By Nikki Brand, Stanford University

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2 Comments to “The Master List of Blockchain Projects in International Development”

  1. BEDOUNG Pamphile Barla Hervé says:

    I am really interested by this idea of blockchain. Yes, I have an idea and my idea is simple: Get a platform where students and people of North and South, East and West can meet, exchange ideas about entrepreneurship development,work toguether and share individually and collectively benefits of their work.

    I am cameroonian in central Africa. Please join me to this network. I would be happy to work among you.

  2. Benjamin Bach says:

    Am thinking about the possibility of a public rating mechanism for all this hype to be easier to expose and see through?

    Ethics factor/failure?
    Widening digital divide?
    Technological BS factor?
    Solution already exists without blockchain?
    Project is dead?

    Can you name more parameters?