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Apply Now: $550,000 Internet Access Grants in Latin America and Caribbean

By Wayan Vota on May 24, 2021

frida internet access funding

According to the United Nations, access to the Internet has become a fundamental aspect for the full exercise of our human rights. Internet access gives us information and sources of knowledge, expands the exercise of rights and freedoms, and allows access to opportunities and services such as employment, government services and others.

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Yet, half the world does not have meaningful Internet connectivity, which includes online access with these four characteristics:

  • Regular and daily beneficial Internet use
  • Access to appropriate smartphone device
  • An unlimited broadband connection at home, work, or study
  • A fast connection with a minimum of 4G mobile connectivity

$550,000 Internet Access Grants for LAC

FRIDA Grants and Awards is a program by LACNIC that supports Latin American and Caribbean initiatives that contribute to the consolidation of a global, open, stable and secure Internet and seek to bring connectivity or access to content to underserved communities

  • $10,000 FRIDA Awards acknowledge innovative regional initiatives and practices that promote an open, stable and secure Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • $10-40,000 FRIDA Grants provide financial support for the implementation of innovative initiatives that seek to promote an open, stable and secure Internet for Latin America.

The 2021 FRIDA Awards and Grants program will fund projects in three categories: Internet Stability and Security, Open and Free Internet and Internet Access. Organizations that should apply include mobile network operators, universities, research centers, government agencies, small companies, cooperatives, or civil associations based in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Apply Now! Deadline is June 11, 2021

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